MedReps Member Testimonials

Since the year 2000, thousands of medical sales reps have found their jobs on MedReps, and we’ve relied almost exclusively on them to spread the word about us. In a 2021 Member Survey, 90% of respondents said they would recommend MedReps to a friend looking for medical sales jobs. Below you’ll find just a few of the reasons they said they would recommend MedReps.

“MedReps helped me land my first job in medical sales.  I think it is a great place to connect with companies and recruiters.”

—Michael T.

I’ve recommended anyone and everyone looking to break into medical device or pharma sales to sign up on MedReps. It’s the perfect platform to begin with for any level of experience.

—Brittany G.

“Excellent source of new opportunities, with laser focus on exact specifications of job.”

—Julie G.

“It seems as though employers post to MedReps before going to other job recruiting sites. It’s a trusted form of recruitment for these respected medical sales companies.”

—Matt H.

“I really like the fact that it is much easier to search for jobs that are only in the medical sales field. I also enjoy the detail that each job description gives as far as salary, compensation, etc.”

—Cody M.

“I was able to secure a great job that I love. I have also referred a few friends to sign up. The user interface is easy, and I trust the companies that recruit on the site.”

—Will S.

“I have been successful using MedReps in my last three job searches.”

—Anthony O.

“MedReps takes away the hassle of trying to narrow down and refine job searches on other sites and just gives you the jobs you want to apply to–saving time and money for me. I highly recommend MedReps and will do so going forward!”

—Frank L.

“MedReps was my favorite website while looking for work. I accepted an offer but will use this website when I need it again and will share my great experience with others!”

—Cameron J.