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MedReps Guide to Networking in Medical Sales

Medical sales job search techniques have changed a lot over the years, but at least one thing remains the same — it’s usually not what you know, but who you know. That is, networking is critical to breaking into medical sales.

According to a LinkedIn survey, networking is a must for today’s job seekers. In fact, the survey found almost 80 percent of professionals consider networking to be important to career success. Survey data also revealed 70 percent of job seekers in 2016 were hired at a company where they had a connection.

Unfortunately, the world of networking doesn’t come second nature to many job seekers. Additionally, the web has changed where and how many of us network, so job seekers must be adept at both online job networking and face-to-face networking.

The MedReps Guide to Networking in Medical Sales provides essential advice for medical sales job seekers. But before you dive in, take the MedReps quiz to identify what kind of networker you are. We’ll customize your guide based on your results.



Are you a Networking King or a Reluctant Schmoozer? Better face-to-face or online? Find out what kind of networker you are in the MedReps quiz, and we’ll provide a customized guide on how you can up your networking game and break into medical sales.

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