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Medical Sales Salaries – 2013 Salary Survey Results

2013 Salary Report

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The 2013 Medical Sales Salary Report analyzes compensation data provided by 2,000 professionals currently employed in medical sales. The Report evaluates how income is affected by the type of product sold, company size, age, experience, and other influential factors. Reports specific to each of the main product types – medical/surgical device, pharma/specialty pharma, capital equipment/DME, and biotech/biopharma – are also available.


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Medical Device Sales Salary Report

Medical and surgical device sales professionals made up the largest section of survey respondents (35%). With an average total compensation of $150,890, this group of respondents earns one of the highest incomes in medical sales. Keep reading about medical device salaries.

Pharma & Specialty Pharma Salary Report

Professionals working in pharma or specialty pharma sales made up a combined 26% of survey respondents. Where possible, this report will separate these fields, but unless noted, pharma and specialty pharma responses have been combined. At $110,965 and $119,414, the average total incomes for those working in pharma and specialty pharma are on the lower side of the spectrum. Keep reading about pharma sales salaries.

Biotech Sales Salaries

Professionals working in biotech or biopharma made up 6% of survey respondents, and with an average total income of $164,783, this group reported higher average and median incomes than professionals selling any other type of product. Keep reading about biotech sales salaries.


Capital equipment sales professionals and durable medical equipment sales professionals made up 10% of survey respondents, making them the third largest group of respondents. With an average total income of $137,105, those working in capital equipment or DME command one of the higher medical sales incomes. Keep reading about capital equipment and DME sales salaries.


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Using the data from the 2013 Medical Sales Salary Survey, users can input their own data and instantly see the average income reported by our survey respondents with similar jobs and/or demographics.

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