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5 Medical Sales Recruitment Tips to Attract Talent

Anytime you use persuasion, you must understand what it is your audience values. For example, you can try to talk someone into moving into a new area because of the great schools, quality playgrounds, and safe roads in the neighborhood. But if they don’t have kids, that argument will fall flat. It’s the same in medical sales recruitment. 

Your goal is to prove to candidates that they would love working with your company. After all, 95% of respondents from our 2021 Best Places to Work survey were either very or somewhat satisfied with their job. And an incredible 69% were very unlikely to leave their employer in the next year. Once settled into a position at a top-notch company like yours, medical sales reps love what they do. 

But to get through to them, you must learn what they prioritize about the workplace. 

Using the data from our survey, we can see what reps value most in each job satisfaction category. Here’s how you can use that information to take your medical sales recruitment to the next level:

Cast leadership in a positive light

Leaders can make or break the employee experience, so it’s crucial to address what it’s like to work with those at your company. 

Interestingly, clear communication and accountability were not the respondents’ most valued qualities from corporate leadership. Bringing in evidence of those two would not waste time, as they are positive attributes. But they won’t be the most effective. 

Most medical sales reps who responded (53%) said honesty was the most essential quality, and 36% expanded on that theme, saying transparency was a must. 

Cite specific examples of when corporate leadership was completely open with staff. It is beneficial to bring anecdotes from the past year of what they shared and how employees responded. If candidates are confident that they can trust the leadership, they will feel more safe accepting a potential job offer. 

Prove that co-workers support each other

Even a job with the most alluring tasks and responsibilities can become miserable if you struggle to work well with your team. That’s why you must take the time to get specific about what makes your sales team great.

When discussing what they needed from their team members, 64% agreed that they must be supportive and willing to help out. And, similar to their thoughts on leadership, 49% of respondents said it’s most important for team members to be honest. 

Explain what candidates can expect in their daily interactions with co-workers on the sales team. For example, do the sales reps check in with each other over a social platform? What are their attitudes when covering for a representative on vacation? Sales talent must know that the new people they’re about to work with will have their back for medical sales recruitment to work. 

Emphasize the work-life balance

Medical sales reps work hard, so it cannot be emphasized enough that they need reassurance about work-life balance. To them, it is not worthwhile to take the job if they don’t have the opportunity to check out of work at the end of the day. 

An overwhelming 80% indicated that work-life balance is the top important quality of company values and culture. Furthermore, 32% ranked making a difference as the best part of being a medical sales rep. But work-life balance came in as a close second at 30%.

Proving work-life balance is more challenging because you don’t have easy access to information about how the team feels outside of work. However, if you have recent office polls about job satisfaction or stress levels, that will impact candidates. Also, discuss which wellness policies the company has in place to encourage employees to relax, practice healthy habits, and unplug when they leave work. 

Be proud of the product line

Sales skills can be transferable from one product to another if the representative is comfortable with their technique and type of client. But in medical sales recruitment, you must remember that the products your reps sell have a significant impact on someone’s life. 

When a medical sales rep believes in what their product can do and ardently stands by it, pitching becomes much easier. But if they secretly believe it isn’t the best on the market, it is tough to feel honorable when selling it to others. 

That’s why it’s no surprise that 45% said having a solid product line is the most valuable asset for a company’s position in the marketplace. 

As an HR pro, your understanding of the product line will not be as in-depth as the reps’. In the last few rounds of interviewing, it is reasonable to ask a current sales rep to pop in and share what they like about the product and the company. Earlier on, be clear about the company’s mission and who tend to make up the medical sales representatives‘ client base. Even if it isn’t appropriate to offer specific details about the product, explaining the goals and morals of the company is valuable. 

Know how to talk about compensation & benefits

It should be no shock that 80% of respondents reported that they valued compensation and benefits more than anything else regarding employee recognition and growth. 

Luckily, the industry is doing very well with both. Our 2021 Medical Sales Rep Salary report found that 78% of reps are somewhat or very satisfied with their income. Additionally, the average salary continues to increase at a rate of about 2.64%. And more participants on all twenty-one benefits included in the survey indicated they’re receiving it from their employer. 

In medical sales recruitment, there’s no shying away from the numbers. Aspiring reps are eager to bring in high earnings with base pay and commissions. Thus, be sure to articulate what makes the income and benefits package from your company stand out from the competition in the region.