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Every Busy Medical Sales Pro Needs These 5 Tools


You’ve been pushing to hit this quarter’s medical sales goals for weeks now. After finally taking a second to sit down and relax, you realize the toll it’s taking on your body — both physically and mentally.

From traffic jams, honking horns, and people who continually forget to use their turn signal, traveling is adding even more stress on top of your long working hours. However, you know in order to hit those goals and continue climbing the ladder, it takes a lot of dedication and time on the road. In fact, our 2017 Medical Sales Salary Report found sales reps who travel 50 percent of the time accumulate the most total compensation with $169,669 annually.

No matter how challenging work and travel become, you’re dedicated to creating lasting relationships with clients and bringing your company more income. Unfortunately, running on low fumes can drive anyone to the point of exhaustion. Which leads to lower performance at work and even health issues.

That’s why we’ve accumulated a list of tools to help medical sales reps work more efficiently and take care of themselves while on the road. Here are five tools you need to stay on top of your medical sales game:

1. Dragon Anywhere

Building trust and strong relationships with clients is impossible without communication. However, that communication can be scattered if you’re unable to remain organized while rushing from one appointment to the next.

Dragon Anywhere, a spoken note dictation software, helps medical sales reps save time and stay organized. With a $14.99 app purchase for iPhone or iPad, reps can easily dictate documents while visiting with clients, hopping into the car, or even during a lunch break.

By taking less down time to take notes, you can easily keep track of when you need to follow up, questions the client had, or any other promises you’ve made.

2. Sales Navigator

No matter the size of your territory, time management is a major issue when it comes to staying productive and not wearing yourself down. Planning your week ahead of time is crucial for both time efficiency and lowering the cost of your expenses.

Sales Navigator, only $4.99 for a download on you iPad or iPhone, is a mobile mapping and planning tool that helps sales reps manage their territories.

With this tool you can manage your daily schedule by mapping out appointments and it even shows you drop-in visits along your chosen route. This location specific data helps medical sales reps see more clients while reducing the amount of time spent on the road.

3. Expensify

Even though keeping track of expenses comes with the job, it’s often looked at as a time-consuming nuisance. While you’re trying to stay organized with clients, it can be difficult to also find the time to track your expenses and submit them for reimbursement.

Expensify offers a free sign-up for their expense automation software. With this tool, you can take the tedious task of expense reporting and lower the number of steps that keep you moving forward toward reimbursement. The app has automatic reporting, submitting, approval, and even reimbursement, making it useful for both reps and employers.

4. Headspace

Staying at the top of your game isn’t always about organization and seeing as many clients as possible. Taking care of your mental health, especially in a stressful job, like medical sales, is necessary for improving both your professional and personal life.

Headspace, a meditation app designed to relieve stress, offers a free sign-up and subscriptions for $12.95/month, $7.99/month for a year, or $419.95 for a lifetime subscription. The app is based off of stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

This combination has been proven effective in supporting those suffering routine stress and clinical issues including anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, and chronic pain.

5. My Fitness Pal

You’ve most likely mastered the art of both knee and elbow driving while eating lunch on the road. While this isn’t the safest form of driving, it also doesn’t provide the healthiest lifestyle. Being busy on the road leaves little time for eating healthy and exercising, but both have the ability to keep your mind fresh.

My Fitness Pal is a free calorie counter and workout tracker. This app can help you see the type of lifestyle you’re leading and where you can make improvements. Take time out of your day to treat yourself to a healthy meal or even stop at the nice park you drive by every day for a 15 minute walk. Remember, taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of your medical sales career.

What are some tech tools you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!