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Medical Sales Jobs at Large Companies: The Truth You Need to Know

Medical sales jobs at large companies offer incredible potential. You can earn large, enticing salaries. They raise the bar even higher with commission structures, bonuses, and impressive benefits.

However, there’s almost always a flipside. Medical sales jobs at large companies are also often perceived as cutthroat and sometimes impersonal. In fact, 26 percent of large company employees reported feeling “fully disengaged” from their jobs, according to a Dale Carnegie report.

But the pros and cons of working for a large medical sales company aren’t as black and white as high earning potentials versus all the negative stereotypes you’ve heard. Before rushing to your own conclusions, here’s what we know about working for large medical sales companies:

Culture is in every part of the organization

Impressive resources don’t just come in the form of company cars and expense accounts. Larger companies also have the time and funds to put into one of the most important aspects of employee engagement and satisfaction — company culture.

At Teleflex, a commitment to company culture is exactly what makes employees feel happy in their roles at such a large company. Named the number one best place to work in the large medical device category of our Best Places to Work report, Teleflex uses its multitude of resources to ensure the company values are ingrained in every aspect of the culture.

Sharon Haughney, Talent Acquisition Manager at Teleflex, shared with us, “We put people at the center of all we do and work together to be entrepreneurial in spirit, build trusting relationships and, of course, have fun in the process.”

You’re encouraged to move and grow

Sure, you’re a medical sales rep or manager now. But what does your future look like? Five years down the road, you may want to move into a new role. It could be VP of sales or maybe you discover an unexpected passion for marketing and want to dive into a new department.  

Medical sales jobs at large companies provide flexibility, and leaders often even encourage employees to move between roles. Additionally, they have resources dedicated to providing educational benefits and training to team members who are interested in developing their careers.

Smaller organizations may encourage professional development, but they, typically, only have so much room for growth. If your plan is to evolve and grow within new roles, the structure of a larger medical sales company is ideal for your future goals.

You’re part of a large medical sales family

Being part of a large team can be exhilarating. Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of work environment where just anyone will thrive. Some people need close-knit relationships with everyone involved at the company. From sales co-workers to managers and even CEOs, these employees want to have that small, family feel.

Large companies simply can’t offer this. While people at all levels of the organization may focus on company culture, purpose, and employee engagement, it’s impossible to have deep, meaningful relationships with everyone.

With a larger company, though, there’s an opportunity to feel like you’re part of something much bigger than yourself. The company could have sales teams all across the country — or the world, even. The most successful large companies will create a team dynamic and pride that employees can feel from any location.

The truth is, you must figure out what nurtures your personal success before searching for medical sales jobs at large companies. Discover your truths about what type of relationships you want to develop at work, the culture you want to be part of, and how much you want to grow.