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10 Medical Sales Interview Questions to Ask Inside Sales Reps

You’re a busy recruiter. After connecting with candidates, nurturing leads, and offering jobs, there’s little time left to brainstorm or update medical sales interview questions to ask in your next round of inside sales rep interviews. Those questions, though, are your window to separating the best-fitting talent from those who just aren’t right for the job. 

Luckily, we have you covered. 

Here are the top 10 medical sales interview questions to ask inside sales reps:

1. Why did you choose inside sales over outside sales? 

When it comes to medical sales interview questions for inside reps, this is one of the most important. There are distinct differences between inside and outside sales. This question ensures the candidate understands what those differences are and that their perception of inside sales aligns with your opportunity. 

Listen for red flags that the candidate is looking for outside sales-like relationships. For example, they thrive off of in-person interactions, or they like nurturing preexisting relationships. 

2. Please run down a typical workday for you.  

This gives you a glimpse into their daily routines. Listen for signs of organization, research skills, marketing tasks, and approximately how many customer interactions they fit into a day. 

3. What type of work environment do you thrive in? 

It’s crucial for employees to fit into your company’s already established workflow. Your inside sales team has set processes and teamwork methods, which means candidates must thrive in a similar setting. 

Pay attention to how a rep details working both alone and in a team environment. Also, use this question to identify if sitting at a desk on the phone and computer all day is something they’ll excel at. 

4. What part does social media play in your sales process?

Ideal applicants know exactly how they strategically use social media in their sales process. They’ll identify how they use it, what platforms they use to reach specific target audiences, and the ones they use for identifying new sales leads. 

5. How do you handle a negative customer situation when you’re not face-to-face?

Many inside sales representatives face unhappy customers. When asking this question, listen closely to the rep’s tone and watch their body language. You need someone who is confident in handling negative situations on a daily basis. 

Top answers would include them detailing how they calmly listened to the customer, how they quickly resolved the issue, and what they did to ensure the customer remains loyal. 

6. What questions do you ask to discover what a customer needs? 

Inside sales reps aren’t in a customer’s place of business. They can’t take cues from the environment or see their issues directly. Instead, it’s their ability to ask the right questions that give them pertinent insight. 

There’s no right or wrong response here because reps should have multiple forms of getting what they need from prospective customers. What you do need to know, however, is that they can quickly share an example off the top of their head and explain what information the question gives them. Also, how do they use those details to further the prospect into their sales pipeline? 

7. Do you believe it’s important to know when to stop pursuing a customer? If so, when do you stop? 

Of course, you need inside sales reps who are determined. However, not knowing when to stop pursuing a sale is a major downfall for reps and their companies. It leads to high costs in wasted time and resources. 

Your top candidates will say, “Yes” to the initial part of this question. They’ll be able to then identify the exact customer signs that indicate it’s time to stop, or the length of time they spend with a customer before ending the pursuit. 

8. How do you prepare for cold-calling a prospect? 

Cold-calling is crucial for any inside sales rep. Many of your medical sales interview questions should revolve around a candidate’s ability to kickstart purposeful interactions with prospects. 

Listen for signs that the candidate knows how to research a prospect, is confident in picking up the phone or sending a message without a prior introduction, and isn’t afraid to ask questions if they’re unsure how to approach the prospect. 

9. Explain the steps you take from the beginning of the sales process to the end. 

This question allows you to see a candidate’s entire sales process. It shows how well they understand the ins and outs of the process. It also identifies how they communicate and remain organized. 

You need to ensure they can do two things: 

  • Explain their process clearly and confidently
  • Organize their thoughts and discuss every step of the process, including researching, prospecting, connecting, evaluating, presenting, and closing

10. Please share a time when you had to problem solve in the middle of a client call. 

Your top inside sales reps know how to handle the pressure. They’re not just skilled in facing objections, they also know how to quickly solve tech issues or a customer’s product problems on the spot.