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Highlighting Your Hunter Traits to Land the Medical Sales Role

As a ‘hunter’ sales rep, you know what you want and how to get it. 

Hunters are highly competitive and resilient. They know how to influence others to bring home the big sales win. They are not afraid of chasing new leads, and they quickly move on to the next big deal after closing. They’re fast, effective, and typically at the top of the sales charts.

Unfortunately though, hunters can often be seen as aggressive, off-putting, and unempathetic during medical sales interviews. You can avoid this common pitfall, however, by highlighting your strengths in the most positive way possible. 

Here’s how to portray your best hunter qualities during a medical sales interview to win the job:

Prove you’re a fast learner

Come prepared for your medical sales interview with a strong understanding of the company’s product. Do your research beforehand and discuss with the interviewer the features you like most about the product, needs for the product you’ve seen in the field, and how you would talk about the product. 

Demonstrate your sales skills in real-time. This shows that you’re willing and able to learn, passionate about the company and product, and already fine-tuning your sales pitch. Show what you’ve been able to learn before you even land the job and how you plan to use this knowledge to immediately jump into the role and begin closing. 

Feature the personalities in your sales portfolio

As a hunter, you instinctively adapt to different personalities. Showcase this skill by walking through your sales portfolio with the recruiter during your interview. Highlight various personalities you’ve encountered and how you’ve closed the deal with each of them. 

Talk about how you engage people who are the complete opposite of you. Discuss a time you closed the deal with a particularly difficult customer. Recruiters need to see your ability to adapt to different personalities and scenarios. 

Share your personal goals

You want to grow, be more, and do more. Sales quotas are just the beginning. You have lofty professional goals, and you plan to achieve them. Be honest and transparent about why you want to be in this role and where you see yourself in a few years. Build a 30-60-90 day plan around this role before your interview and be prepared to share it.

Consider a few of the following ideas. What about this organization is attractive? Why is this role important to you? How does it fit into the professional plan you have for yourself? Talk about what your plan is after you hit your sales quota. How will you keep yourself motivated once you’ve met the company’s expectations for the role? 

Show proof of independent success

You don’t want or need to be coddled during the sales process — as part of your hunter nature, you want to call the shots. Discuss attributes of your last role that allowed you to be independent and how that independence helped you achieve your success. 

For example, did your last role allow you to make important decisions around your sales process? How did your own resilient, driven personality push you to succeed without someone looking over your shoulder? How do you hold yourself accountable when you’re on the road and without a direct manager around?

Use your strong sales personality and these proven techniques to own your medical sales interview. Prepare, plan, and close the conversation with a win.