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Guide to the Medical Sales Job Search

Once upon a time, the medical sales job search began with opening the newspaper. Medical sales job seekers were expected to “pound the pavement” in search of career opportunities. Recruiters for pharmaceutical and medical device companies relied on word of mouth and classified ads to publicize new sales and marketing jobs.

It’s amusing to think about because – like so many other parts of life – the internet has completely changed the job search process.

Of course, the online job search is hardly a new idea. Jeff Hill launched (then called The Monster Board) in 1994, and the site is now one of the most well-known online job boards. In the years since Monster’s launch, thousands of job sites have popped up, each with its own hook, niche, or special feature. As a result, the process of searching and applying for jobs online has grown more sophisticated than ever.

While you don’t have to have a medical degree to figure out how to use the internet in your medical sales job search, some of the finer points of searching for pharmaceutical and medical device sales and marketing jobs online are often overlooked. This guide will examine how to use the internet to optimize your medical sales job search.

Online Job Search Strategy
Navigating a Job Board
Get Noticed with a Strong Resume
Optimize Your Resume for an Electronic Search
Personalize Your Job Application
Communicating with Employers and Recruiters
Online Social Networking

What is your Medical Sales Job Search Strategy?

Why are you searching for a new job? Your motivation will determine your online job search strategy. If you are out of work (or simply miserable in your current
position!), you will most likely adopt an active online job search strategy. On the other hand, if you are comfortable in your current position but are open to
the idea of a new job or a change of location, you’ll probably choose a passive strategy.

Active job seekers take an aggressive approach to job hunting by sending their resumes to multiple recruiters, conducting regular online searches, applying for jobs online, and reaching out to potential employers. They may also use social networking sites to broadcast their medical sales job search and enlist their friends and former colleagues to help.

Passive job seekers want to stay abreast of what’s happening in the medical sales job market, but they may not want to spend time browsing job boards. Alternatively, they can have relevant job opportunities delivered to their inboxes. They may also wish to contact a recruiter and ask only to be notified of opportunities that match their specified criteria.

Of course, if you currently have a job, you will not want your employer to know that you’re looking for a new position. If this is the case, you may wish to create a separate email account for medical sales job search activities. You will also need to use discretion when exploring opportunities through social networking sites and use caution when uploading your resume to multiple job boards.

Additionally, if you are working with a recruiter, make sure you express your privacy concerns and give the recruiter instructions as to how they may distribute your resume.

Navigating an Online Job Board
While every job board is different, the functionality is often similar and the goal is always the same: Matching qualified candidates with sought-after positions.

It seems simple, but you’ll be amazed at how much more you will get out of a medical sales job search if you take the time to register on the site, and if necessary, complete an online profile with your name, contact information, and job history. You can usually enter these details manually, or you may be given the option to upload your resume or copy and paste it into a text field. Providing complete and accurate information in your profile is critical if you want to allow recruiters to search for you in the job board’s medical sales resume database.

Advanced Search
Most job boards offer advanced online job search options. On, you can search by location, compensation, primary job function, product category, and/or
market segment. When you perform a search on, you will be redirected to a results page. From there you can sort your results by clicking the heading
at the top of each column. In order to view the complete job posting, you must be logged in to an active account.

Job Notifications
Most job sites offer notifications about new or updated jobs on a daily or weekly basis via RSS feeds or emails. offers biweekly emails to notify members of new medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs on the site. Candidates save time by having jobs delivered directly to their inboxes. Make sure you have added to an approved sender list so your notifications will not be caught in a spam filter.

Apply for Jobs
Once you find a job post that matches your preferences, simply follow the instructions in the job description about how to contact the recruiter or hiring manager.

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