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3 Simple Tips to Educate Yourself If Medical Sales College Isn’t Right For You

Medical Sales College is a licensed and regulated college dedicated to medical device sales education. It specializes in placing candidates with no device-specific experience in the field. While the college has successfully placed over 1,100 graduates in medical device careers, it isn’t for everyone.

Some people don’t have the time or money for this type of formal education. Others may simply want to educate themselves with other types of medical device sales training. However, it’s sometimes challenging to find the confidence to take a career leap.

You may currently be in another medical sales field or looking to jumpstart your medical sales career in the device industry. No matter your story, there are options beyond Medical Sales College.

Take a few minutes to review your options, consider what best fits your needs and learning style, then take that chance and dive in.

Here are three alternatives to Medical Sales College that will take your career to the next level:

1. Get your hours in with a medical-related sales role

It’s a major challenge to receive a medical sales job offer without previous sales experience. In medical device sales, it’s especially important to have sales experience in a medical-related field. This is due to the variables occurring in hospital and office settings.

Medical Sales College requires students to learn hospital protocol and OR etiquette, rather than learning both by trial and error on the job. You can gain on-the-job experience and understanding through a medical-related sales role.

Rather than gaining classroom hours, use office equipment, food vendor, or other types of sales job that land you in a hospital setting to learn the ropes. Watch for proper etiquette techniques when patients are nearby as you’re dealing with customers. Read up on hospital protocols to understand your responsibilities and the staffs’ expectations of you as a sales rep in their territory.  

2. Intern at a medical sales company

Internships are the portal to inside a medical sales company — especially when you have no experience. However, there’s a stereotype attached to internships, making people believe they’re only for college students.

It’s time to kick this myth to the curb. If you have the time and funds to take a hiatus from full-time employment, this is a great gateway into medical device sales. You’ll learn valuable medical device sales skills directly from trained reps and have the powerful opportunity to make career-changing connections.

Seek out internships within medical device sales companies that align with your future career goals. Focus on products, company culture, and leadership’s values. Then, apply to various roles, not just internships in the sales department. The goal is to get inside the company to start impressing leaders and gaining a deeper understanding of medical device sales.

3. Sit down with medical sales reps

On the surface, this seems like a simplistic idea. But it’s an all-too-often overlooked source gaining educational information.

When I say, “Sit down with medical sales reps,” I don’t mean for networking purposes. It’s good to always keep them in mind. These sit-downs, however, should be geared specifically toward answering your questions regarding the medical device sales field.

What information was most helpful to them when they first started their careers? How often do they visit a hospital? What OR etiquette do they always follow? Did they have a sales job before their medical device sales career? If yes, what was it and how did that experience help them with this job?

Use each of these answers to further your actions. For example, if there’s specific OR etiquette that they find most important, research it further. Find out why it’s important, how it keeps the patient safe, and why doctors find it valuable. The more reps you talk to, the deeper of an understanding you’ll gain as you move forward into medical device sales.

How do you self-educate for your career? Let us know!