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Pharmaceutical Sales Interview

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Tips & Common Questions

After submitting numerous resumes, attending several networking events and leaning on industry connections, you’ve finally landed a pharmaceutical sales interview. Now the only thing left to do is prepare and try not to let your excitement and nervousness doesn’t get the best of you.

Our short guide will provide you with a few pharmaceutical sales interview tips to help you land your next opportunity and ensure you don’t forget the obvious!

The week before your pharmaceutical sales interview:
Ideally, when your pharmaceutical sales interview is scheduled, the recruiter or hiring manager will tell you everything you need to know. However, if they do not volunteer the information, call back and clarify the following:

  1. The address/suite number where the interview will take place (don’t assume)
  2. Where you should go and/or who you should ask to see upon entering the building
  3. The date and time of the interview

Also, in the week(s) leading up to the interview, you should spend every spare moment preparing for your pharmaceutical sales interview.

The days leading up to the interview:
Write out answers to common pharmaceutical sales interview questions and practice saying them out loud.

Read up on the company, including their history, culture, latest company news and press releases.

Familiarize yourself with their product line and similar products on the market.

Research top competitors, along with their strengths and weaknesses versus the company you are interviewing with.

While researching, prepare a few questions of your own to ask the interviewer.

The day before:
Make sure your car is clean and has plenty of gas.

Set out your clothing and accessories.

If you haven’t done so already, print your business plan, as well as several extra copies of your updated sales resume.

Map your route and determine how long it should take you to get there.

The morning of:
Don’t overdo it with too much make-up or cologne/perfume.

Bring your brag book, business plan, and several copies of your resume.

However long you think it will take you to get there, allow 20 extra minutes (at

Before entering the building:
If you’ve arrived more than 10 minutes early, drive around the block or wait in your car.

Don’t enter the building with gum or a mint in your mouth. If you need a mint, have one, but finish it before you go inside.

Check for food in your teeth or lipstick smudges.

Leave your phone in the car.

When you check in for your pharmaceutical sales interview:
Be kind and courteous to the receptionist (and everyone else too!)

Smile and try to appear relaxed.

Remind yourself that you are ready for this.

After the interview:
Send a thank you note to the interviewer(s) and any notable people you may have come in contact with during the interview. While emails are fine, a handwritten note will make a better impression.

Good luck at your next pharmaceutical sales interview!


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