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3 Ways Longevity Positively Impacts Medical Equipment Sales Careers

The medical equipment sales industry has rewarding possibilities for employees with various experiences. Opportunities for growth and success in this field remain impressive. In fact, since the start of our Medical Equipment Salary Report in 2011, medical equipment sales has topped the charts every single year with one of the highest average compensations in the medical sales industry.

The rewarding part of this career doesn’t end with compensation. Constantly evolving innovation means medical equipment product possibilities are also boundless.

Potential, however, is dependent upon various factors. Successful medical equipment sales reps are driven and passionate about the results their products offer both customers and patients.

It’s these factors that help them push through job-related challenges. In addition to these factors, medical equipment sales offers enticing benefits that motivate sales reps to remain in their roles for years.

Here are the benefits of longevity in medical equipment sales you need to consider:

Increased compensation opportunities

Bonuses present unlimited earning potential. Yet, like with any job, there are growing pains in sales when you’re just getting started. Depending on the size of the company, you may be starting from ground zero when it comes to a client list, or you could have one handed to you on day one.

No matter where you jump in, those growing pains will impact your initial compensation. You’ll need to grow trust with customers and become acquainted with the industry itself. It’s inevitable you’ll also make a few mistakes along the way and expand both your knowledge and skills.

However, the longer you stay in medical equipment sales, the more opportunities will present themselves. You’ll know the ins and outs of clinics, doctors’ offices, and hospitals. Even the smallest details, like knowing the office staff’s favorite hobbies, will increase your potential bonus outcomes.

Years of direct experience are critical to your overall success. In fact, year-over-year, medical sales reps in our salary report have shown a consistent increase in bonuses and commissions after they’ve hit the five-year mark. And as time goes on, their numbers spike between 11 and 20 years.

Strengthened customer relationships

Medical equipment sales are dominated by relationships. Customers are met by various challenges that need to be resolved by trustworthy and effective equipment. They’re also bombarded with product details every single day.

Consider how many times a day doctors’ lives are inundated with medical equipment sales products — even when they’re not in a meeting with a sales rep. Their desks are scattered with educational materials and advertisements.

This is why strengthening relationships is a monumental benefit, especially when you stay in the field. Longevity gives you the gift of time, time to build genuine relationships with doctors. Build their trust and know their — and their patients’ — deepest pain points. With all of this critical information, selling in the mid-to-late years of your career will become second nature.

More opportunities for advancement

Longevity means remaining popular or useful for a long period of time. In medical equipment sales, popularity and usefulness expands with experiences. Not just experience in the sales field, but also with medical equipment sales.

Remaining in the field, dedicating your life to growth and development, gives you the power to climb the corporate ladder. Your usefulness to the company increases even more as you grow to more deeply understand the cause and meaning behind customers’ objections.

In advanced roles, you need this knowledge to help other reps be proactive in their sales strategies. It also gives you the strategic mindset to know how to apply customer data to the company’s overall goals and planning.

Medical equipment sales isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle. With the right attitude and support system, you have the power to build a foundation of success.