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3 Secrets to Make Your Medical Sales Benefits Stand Out to Candidates

Pexels: MikeChai

Medical sales recruiting has always been competitive. Now, with one of the highest talent shortages in over a decade, according to a recent ManpowerGroup report, it’s more important than ever that recruiters make companies stand out — and quickly.

You’re competing against companies with similar values, products, company cultures, and benefits. In fact, most medical sales reps are already offered medical benefits, 401k matching, expense accounts, and gas cards according to our 8th Annual Medical Sales Salary Report.

These perks are now important and impressive industry standards, meaning you need an added edge to rise above competitors.

Here’s how you can draw attention to your benefits in a way that will attract top medical sales talent:

Market personalized flexibility plans

Every company promises to be the best. Unfortunately, not every candidate is buying into this promise. You can tout having the ultimate flexibility benefit — but for who? Every person has their own expectations and needs when it comes to flexible work arrangements.

If you commit to advertising a specific level of flexibility, you could be scaring away quality leads. In fact, according to a new Alight report, 51 percent of employees wouldn’t even consider taking a less flexible job.

This means you need to show you don’t just offer flexible working plans. You’re dedicated to catering to individual needs — within reason, of course. By presenting built-for-you plans, candidates will envision their own idealistic expectations. So, when looking at other companies’ set-in-stone flexibility plans, there’s less chance they’ll outrank your offerings in the candidate’s mind.

Focus on the candidate’s family

The burdens (or blessings) of a candidate’s career decisions don’t solely impact their lives. Applying to a new job and, potentially, accepting a position is also a major game-changer for their family’s livelihood. Many companies show their support for candidates’ families by offering relocation and additional healthcare benefits.

However, a majority of households have needs that go far beyond those two obvious factors. A new Harvard Business School report found, of the 75 percent of U.S. workers who have a caregiving responsibility, 28 percent said their caregiving obligations have hurt their career, 32 percent said they left a job because of life-work incompatibility, and 80 percent said their responsibilities at home kept them from doing their best at work.

The report calls this a “caregiving crisis.” One that many employers don’t yet focus on, but employees need help improving.

To really grab their attention, show candidates you’re not just committed to their careers. You’re committed to their families’ well-being and understand the pressure they’re under as caregivers. Highlight benefits that offer monetary assistance for in-home care or flexibility that allows them to freely go to appointments with no negativity or repercussions from their workplace.

Brand your benefits as non-work related

Benefits are for employees. This sounds so obvious, but sometimes, hiring pros forget to brand their benefits as meeting employees’ needs as a whole person — not just an employee.

Time off, for example, is proven to improve employee productivity. For top medical sales reps, this isn’t exciting or highly-personalized. They’re already focused on improving productivity to increase sales.

Take that impressive time-off policy and start documenting how it’s put to good use. Ask employees to show themselves traveling, relaxing with a cup of coffee during their week-long staycation, or putting in time at a local pet shelter.

These types of personal moments show medical sales candidates that current employees are actually using their offered time off. Even more, it’s being used for fun and meaningful activities, not just for illnesses, emergencies, or appointments.

How do you make your medical sales benefits stand out? We want to know!