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Medical Sales Recruiting Today: Do I still need job search websites?

Medical Sales Recruiting & Job Search Websites

There are hundreds of thousands of job search websites on the web today – each with its own hook, niche, or special feature. Despite these differences, the goal of every job site is essentially the same: to help job seekers find jobs and employers find employees.

While employers and job seekers still need to connect, there is talk that the need for job search websites is disappearing. Some companies have started to use search engine optimization to drive job applicants to their website’s career pages. Others rely on their brand to attract candidates. Still others try to connect with candidates using social media. If companies can find success using these tactics, is there still a need for job search websites?

These other recruiting tactics are useful, but for most companies, posting the job is still a critical first step in the sourcing process. Whether it’s on a bulletin board, in a newspaper, or on the web, the job post has always been and continues to be essential to sourcing candidates. After all, how will candidates know to submit their resume if you haven’t told anyone about the job? The answer: They won’t.

As the sourcing process becomes increasingly complex, pharmaceutical and medical sales recruiting companies use a variety of tools to connect with quality candidates. They rely on multiple channels to announce job openings, but job search websites continue to be the primary vehicle for spreading the word about medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs to a mass audience. So the answer to the above question is yes, you still need to post your medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs on job search websites. However, you may need to be more selective about where you post them.

General vs. Niche
The online experience is increasingly personal. Google serves up ads based on the content of your gmail account. Facebook uses what your friends “like” to determine what pages and products you might “like” too. Websites make product recommendations based on what you have purchased or viewed in the past. As a result, internet users have come to expect custom content from the websites they frequent, and they expect no less from online job search websites. At one time, job seekers were content to search and filter hundreds of thousands of irrelevant jobs to get to the few that fit their criteria, but that is no longer the case. Today’s job seeker prefers a niche job board that addresses their specific needs.

Recruiters prefer niche job search websites too. According to a 2010 survey of medical sales recruiters, 76% cited niche job search websites as their top medical sales recruiting tool. Why? General job search websites primarily attract candidates who don’t have a clear idea of the kind of job they are looking for. The more experienced job seeker will look for a niche job site that is relevant to them based on their location, salary range, industry, profession, or some combination thereof.

The more established a job board is within its given niche, the more successful both the job seekers and the job posters that use it will be. If a job board has a reputation for having quality jobs in a specific industry, then successful industry professionals will look for jobs there first. Likewise, if a job board is known for delivering strong salespeople, then hiring companies will post their sales jobs there first.

Too Many Applications?
A commonly cited problem with job search websites is that they spread the word about the job a little too well. A company wants to get the word out about a job, but when word travels too far too fast the company can end up with thousands of applications – many of them unqualified. This is another reason to limit your job postings to a niche job board with a smaller yet more appropriate audience.

You know all too well that candidates don’t necessarily read the full job description before clicking the “apply” button. So when you post attractive, high-paying medical or pharmaceutical sales jobs on a general job board, you are essentially inviting unqualified applicants to send you their resumes. Job seekers without any experience in medical sales or pharmaceutical sales may stumble across your posting and decide to send you their resume in the hopes that you will be the one to finally give them the chance they deserve. (Ha!) It may only take a few seconds to cast aside these irrelevant resumes, but how many thousands of seconds will you waste in the process?

On the other hand, if you limit your job post to a smaller audience of medical sales and pharmaceutical sales professionals, you will get fewer unqualified applications and will therefore have more time to spend with the many qualified resumes you are sure to receive.

What About LinkedIn?
Social media allows us to stay in touch and connect with our networks in a way that wasn’t possible in the past. LinkedIn specifically helps you to maintain your professional network so that they are readily available to tell their networks about your medical sales and pharmaceutical sales jobs and send you relevant candidates. Facebook and Twitter can also be helpful in this way. It’s an exciting new channel for medical sales recruiters to explore in their search for new talent.

There is most certainly a place for social media recruiting but 76% of medical sales recruiters in the survey say social media is just one piece of the puzzle whereas only 12% claim it is the “wave of the future.” No one in the survey was foolish enough to think social networking is just “a passing fad,” but most respondents recognize that while social media has potential, it will never be a magic wand.

No Such Thing As “Just a Job Board”

The most successful job search websites are always evolving. Online job search websites may have started as a simple online version of the “Help Wanted” section, but they have progressed to become technology-driven, interactive forums where job seekers connect with recruiters and hiring managers. Online applications, resume databases, career resource centers, Q&A forums, RSS job feeds – job search websites now offer a variety of tools to help both the job seeker and the job poster.

So despite what you may have heard; you still need job search websites. But you don’t need just any job board, you need a niche job board that is respected in the medical and pharmaceutical sales industry. You need Call us today at 866-619-1629 to post your job for an audience of qualified industry professionals.