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5 Ways to Improve Your Medical Sales Pitch Presentation

Anyone who’s delivered an excellent sales presentation knows it is about so much more than just what the slides look like. Without quality information, solid structural organization, and an energetic delivery, the pitch is entirely ineffective. 

But like it or not, sales presentations over video calls have increased the need to make your PowerPoints visually appealing. After all, slides aren’t the background in a screenshare; they’re the backdrop on which you build the valuable information your clients need to know. And virtual attendees will check out if you overwhelm them with too much text or too much white space. The balance is so sensitive!

In a 2020 Sjodin Communications study, 90% of participants reported that seeing a presentation mistake reduces their interest in working with the presenter. But about 60% of those participants had received little to no presentation training. 

In your career as a medical sales rep, you cannot afford to lose potential clients’ interest in sales presentations. So if you’ve received little instruction on how to make a knock-their-socks-off slideshow, it’s up to you to seek out the best tips yourself. 

Luckily, we’ve pulled together five fail-proof ways you can enhance your sales pitch presentation skills: 

Be conservative with words per slide

Written content is necessary to help clients follow along with what you’re saying aloud. But you can’t afford for clients to become distracted by the text. 

Reading from the slide or having every idea spelled out makes the audience trust what the PowerPoint says more than you. Even more concerning, if the words you share on the screen are unrelated to what you’re talking about, they’ll be confused and retain too little, if any, of the information. 

Set guidelines for yourself before you begin designing a presentation. For example, only share written information in concise bullet points, bring one out at a time using animations, and don’t format any text on the screen to be below a 24-point font size.  

Additionally, aim to represent only your main points in the text. You can share supporting details aloud and support them with corresponding visuals. 

These personal goals will help you avoid covering too much information per slide and ensure your audience is never bored or overwhelmed. 

Remember to read the room with an audience of healthcare providers.

Always add visual aids

Visual aids cannot replace the information you energetically share, but they can enhance interest and retention of the content. 

According to the author and molecular biologist John Medina, we only remember about 10% of a piece of information three days after hearing it. However, when there’s a picture with the auditory info, we can recall about 65% of the particulars. 

PowerPoint includes some visually stimulating options that are easy to add to any sales pitch presentation. Animation, images, and chart or graph elements are all available. 

You can also download a GIF and add some fun for a casual audience. Just be careful not to leave them on the screen too long, or they’ll distract your clients. 

Consider taking advantage of videos as well. PowerPoint can conveniently embed YouTube videos right into your slide. This strategy is beneficial if you’re covering a complex topic that requires more extensive explanation. Or simply because someone has already said it better! There’s no need to be the sole expert on your subject. 

Nail your first impressions with these tips!

Use resources to include multimedia features

There are numerous resources online you can use to elevate the appeal and engagement of a sales pitch presentation. Here are just a few: 

  1. Slidescarnival offers unique and attractive themes for either PowerPoint or Google Slides for free. With this tool, your presentations will always be beautiful and memorable. 
  2. Slido integrates with PowerPoints, Google Slides, and more. Under its free plan, you can incorporate up to three polls per presentation. Polling options include word clouds, surveys, rankings, ratings, and multiple choice. 
  3. If you have numerous statistics to show customers, it’s a good idea to design infographics to display them effectively. Microsoft Infographic templates and Venngage are both stellar options. 

Just remember to be strategic with your visual selections. You must take care not to go overboard and overwhelm your audience. 

Check out nontraditional presentation platforms

PowerPoint is popular, but it is not your only option. If you’ve wrestled with it too many times without success, it’s time to try out something else. You’re not trapped!

There are several possible platforms to choose from, so take some time to decide what you want the most out of your slideshow tool. 

  • -> If all this talk about visuals gets you stressed, consider trying a platform that lets you focus on the content first and straighten up visuals at the end. For example, Slidebean uses AI to take care of the layout so that the only thing you need to consider is what you want on the slide. No worries about trying to make it look pretty. 
  • -> Alternatively, if you feel confident with visuals but aren’t sure how to structure the information for medical sales, look for something tailored to your industry. Perhaps you can start with Showpad, which aims to optimize each sales pitch presentation. 
  • -> You may be craving more control and customization than PowerPoint can offer. In that case, tools that specialize in design may be your friend. For instance, you can build presentations with Canva off of templates or a completely blank slate. 

Continue to find ways to elevate your skills

Remember, you never have to figure it all out on your own through trial and error. If you want further guidance, but your company isn’t in the position to provide sales pitch presentation training, don’t hesitate to pursue supportive communities or free online courses. You have the power to develop this professional skill. 

Here are some great options to get you started: 

This organization has online and local chapters to promote participants’ growth with presentations and public speaking. 

Microsoft’s online guide includes several free articles and videos to walk you through how to use their program. 

This course mainly focuses on how to get the most out of Visme’s platform, but it also includes tips and tricks you can apply to whichever way you prefer to make presentations. Also, you can receive a certification in presentation expertise by completing the course!