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This Is How You Successfully Lead Gen Z Medical Sales Reps

College graduation is far behind us and summer vacations are rapidly coming to a close. That means Gen Z college graduates have hit the workforce. This highly determined generation is often lumped in with millennials. Some even refer to them as “Zillennials.” 

Unfortunately, this leads to inaccurate assumptions about their traits and career expectations. As with any new generation, it’s critical that leaders understand what makes them unique. This is especially important in the challenging world of medical sales. Leaders must know what motivates Gen Z and how those motivations tie directly back to medical sales. 

Here’s how you can successfully lead Gen Z medical sales reps: 

Speak to their activist side

Medical sales reps are known for their deep passion. They want to help others and truly believe in the products they’re selling. The good news is, this is a naturally common trait for Gen Zers. They have grown up in a world where technology and social media make it easy to positively impact the world. 

Even more important to note, these activists aren’t bettering the world for their own gain. Nearly half (46 percent) are doing what they do because it’s a passion, according to a new report by SnapChat and JWT Intelligence. When it comes to workplace factors, millennials favored autonomy and stability. Gen Z respondents in a 2017 BridgeWorks report, however, say they value being able to make a social impact.

Discover your Gen Z employees’ passions. Find out what they’re doing outside of work to make a difference. Also, dig into what connects them to your product and the medical sales industry, as a whole. 

Use this information to speak to their passions as a motivating factor. Show them the direct impact your products are making. Ask seasoned reps to share stories of patients their customers have helped and how the product changed lives — and continues to do so. 

Foster workplace creativity

Gen Zers are the creative generation. They grew up making memes and YouTube videos in their free time. In fact, 51 percent of Gen Z respondents in the previously mentioned SnapChat report say they’re more creative than previous generations. 

But this creativity isn’t limited just to screentime. They’re looking to express themselves offline just as much. The same respondents said when they have free time offline they are doing at least one creative activity such as drawing, illustrating, journaling, or playing an instrument (77 percent). 

Being a medical sales rep doesn’t look like a creative role on the surface. However, creativity in the workplace can be shown through increased collaboration and new sales strategies. Allow and encourage employees to bring their creative strengths to their sales roles. 

Encourage and listen to their unique ideas on new sales strategies, pitching ideas, and other creative thoughts. Help them implement those ideas to solve their common sales problems and meet monthly goals. 

Help them find their unique sales side

Your customers value authenticity. The good news is — so does Gen Z. This youthful generation just needs your help moving the real, everyday version of themselves outside of social apps. 

Let them know they don’t need to leave every part of their personality outside of sales calls. You hired them based on their genuine personality traits and those should shine through when chatting with customers. 

Ask your Gen Z medical sales reps what they love to express on social media. What makes them feel like their honest selves? Give them guidance on appropriately incorporating this side of their personality into sales calls.