How to Transition From Nursing to Medical Sales
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How to Transition From Nursing to Medical Sales

Nurses seemingly have a leg up when it comes to branching into medical sales. After all, they have plenty of medical knowledge and know what certain medications do, which devices to reach for in certain circumstances and more. However, is it really that easy to go from one job to another? After all, medical sales seem like a very different animal from nursing. One involves helping patients, while the other requires you to meet sales quotas.

As it turns out, it’s actually not overly difficult to go from nursing to medical sales. Here’s what you need to know and do in order to change careers.

Take Sales and Business Classes to Transition into Medical Sales

Even though you have a nursing degree, you’ll still need a bit more schooling. Find out if your local community college has classes on sales, business and marketing. They more than likely will. Sign up for those classes and learn everything you can about the subjects.

Not only will this help you once you get a job in medical sales, but it will look good on your resume and appeal to future employers. After all, they want people who know what they’re doing and are willing to work hard to meet their career goals.

Talk to Medical Sales Reps

In order to make the medical sales transition, you’ll need to not only know some medical sales reps but also understand what they do. Speak with the reps you see all the time on your floor and ask them how they got into the field. Inquire about their products and sales techniques. You might even find someone who will let you tag along on one of their sales calls, so you can witness it firsthand.

Even though many medical sales reps will no doubt be happy to help, you do need to spend some time getting to know them first. Walking up to a salesperson you don’t know and badgering them with questions when they’re busy is not the best method to gain knowledge. Take some time to go through pleasantries and then ask to see them when both of you are outside of work. This is the best approach to get what you want.

Do Some Research

Every area of the country is known for a certain type of medical company. You’ll find areas that are biotech hotbeds, those that have numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers and so on. Which companies are in your area? If you plan on staying nearby, you’ll need to find out more about what those businesses produce in order to get a job at one of them. Do some research on their niche and read medical journals about their products. This will set you up for working in their particular niche and you can walk into your interview with knowledge in hand.

Head Online

If you don’t use LinkedIn, now is a good time to create a profile. You’ll need to update your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile with your job history and include information about the training courses you attended. If you went back and took some classes on sales and marketing, add those in there as well.

Then, mention on your profile you’re looking for a job that will help you transition from nursing to medical sales. Find people nearby who are already working in your dream field and connect with them on the platform. They should be able to help you when you’re ready to make the move or if a sales job they think you’d be perfect for opens up at their company.

The Medical Sales Transition

As a nurse, you already know quite a bit about medicine in general. You can set up IVs, monitor vital signs, conduct exams and administer medications. This knowledge can easily take you from the hospital floor to the medical sales field.

All you need to do is take the next steps, which involve enhancing your sales skills, learning more about medical sales and networking with people who work at companies nearby so you can get your foot in the door. Ready for the good news? Many nurses choose to make the leap to medical sales, so you aren’t alone. It can be done!