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How to Navigate a Successful Medical Sales Career at Teleflex, Part 1

As a consecutive, four-time winner of MedReps Best Places to Work Award, Teleflex clearly knows how to treat employees well. The reputation as a great employer brings a multitude of candidates to Teleflex, so they can be selective in who they hire. Professionals talented enough to earn an offer will gain access to enormous opportunities and potential for career growth.

MedReps wanted to know more about what it takes to be hired—and find success—at a highly sought-after employer like Teleflex. What exactly is Teleflex looking for in a medical sales candidate and how can those candidates be sure to get noticed? Fortunately, Christopher Walker, VP of Sales and Marketing – LATAM, was willing to answer our questions. Six years ago, Walker relocated his family from Connecticut to North Carolina to join Teleflex as a Regional Sales Manager. During his time at Teleflex, he has had the opportunity to manage sales teams, start and lead a market development team, and he now manages the sales and marketing teams in Latin America.

In part one of our interview, we asked him to share a little about the hiring process at Teleflex and what it takes to get hired with one of the industry’s best employers. In part two, we’ll learn more about the qualities found in the most successful medical sales reps and the tremendous opportunities they have at Teleflex.

What can you tell us about the sales hiring process at Teleflex? From a candidate submitting a resume to receiving an offer, give us an overview of what happens in between.

We have a great internal recruiting team that works very closely with hiring managers to ensure they fully understand the needs of the role and can then appropriately present qualified candidates. Our recruiting team will initially coordinate a screening call with qualified candidates to better understand their experience, compensation expectations, and answer questions regarding the job description and position details.

The recruiter will then take the most qualified candidates and schedule face-to-face interviews with members of the interview team (which varies based on the position). Depending on the position, the requirements along the process can vary; for example, for our Surgical sales roles, I would require candidates to present on a surgical procedure and understand the specific products used within the procedure. The exercise allowed me to see a candidate´s technical proficiency, as well as their ability to learn information quickly which is essential in our industry.

Finally, once we have a final candidate that has completed the designated interview process, we move to the offer process. We can typically turn around offers within a day or two which is great for ensuring a good candidate experience. On my team, I preach that “candidate care” is critical as it is the first impression that prospective employees have of Teleflex and our culture. Just like every company, we are not perfect, but I can tell you firsthand that we strive to continue to be best in class in this area and seek feedback often.

What advice do you have for sales candidates hoping to land Teleflex sales jobs?

First, make connections. LinkedIn has provided us all with a great vehicle to network across companies, industries and even internationally. As a hiring manager, the first hat I wear is “Talent Scout” and I am constantly looking for talent.

When a hiring manager has a vacancy, you want them to think about your name first. If you are just 1 of 20 resumes that comes in through the application process, then you have little differentiation among other applicants. As a regional sales manager, I had file folders of resumes for each territory just in case one of my reps was promoted or left the company.

As a manager, my opinion is that my number one job is hiring top talent, so that I can do my second job which is developing that talent. Reach out to the hiring managers – bottom line. Even if they do not have an opening today on their team, they may in the near future, or can even introduce you to another business unit hiring manager who does have an opening.

Teleflex has landed a top spot on the MedReps Best Places to Work list for four years running. What do you think makes Teleflex the best employer, specifically for sales professionals?

At the end of the day, Teleflex has great products, but a company really is its people in my opinion. When our sales team is in front of a customer, they are Teleflex to that customer. I think for starters we have hired very well, and as a part of that hiring process, we talk about our company culture and core values. We continually seek to ensure that we are a good fit for what the candidate is looking for throughout the interview process. The process ensures that when someone is hired, they know how to best represent the company.

One of the most eye-opening moments for me was when I attended my first national sales meeting at our welcome dinner. I had just worked for three very large organizations and could barely point out executive management based on their picture. Here I was, having a conversation with those leading a multi-billion-dollar organization and I was the most important person in the room for that moment.  We are a large company with a small company feel, centered around a “people first” culture, which I believe is first in class. We were also just named one of America’s Best Employers 2021 by Forbes.

People are at the center of everything we do, and we live that through our core values. I am happy to speak to anyone who would like to learn more about Teleflex as a destination for them in their sales career.

Medical sales professionals seeking medical sales jobs at Teleflex can view open positions right here on MedReps. Don’t miss Part Two of our interview with Christopher Walker and learn more about navigating a successful medical sales career at Teleflex.