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How To Minimize Stress During Your Medical Sales Job Search

For many professionals, the job search is an extremely stressful process. In fact, according to CareerBuilder’s Candidate Experience Guide, applying and interviewing for a job is one of the most stressful events in life. The medical sales job search adds the pressure of a highly-competitive field where hopeful reps all clamor to land the perfect position.

Stress can quickly overwhelm and derail even the hopeful job seeker. To combat the high levels of pressure and take some of the stress out of your medical sales job search, follow these four tips:

1. Dedicate time to focus on your job search.

When you’re really focused on landing the perfect role, it can feel like applying to jobs is your job. But when you attempt to fit the task in amongst your other work and personal to-dos, you don’t allow yourself to focus on being effective in your applications.

Set aside focused and dedicated time to research and apply for jobs. By giving the effort your undivided attention, you will ensure that the applications you submit are backed by the confident attention you gave them. Additionally, when you can see various applications and networking efforts completed in one chunk, it will provide a sense of accomplishment that will take some of the job-search weight off your shoulders.

2. Ask for help from your network.

Your personal and professional network is one of your greatest assets when you’re in the thick of the medical sales job search. Lean into your connections and let them know that your talent is on the market. Outline the type of role you’re hoping to land, and don’t be shy about sending your resume to colleagues and mentors who may know of a position that would fit your skill set and goals.

When you work to build a support network of personal and professional relationships, you surround yourself with people who don’t want to see you fail. Take some of the pressure off yourself by reaching for a helping hand. One of your connections may be able to help you take the next step in your medical sales career.

3. Give yourself a break from the job search.

The job search stress can quickly and easily turn into an obsession. You find yourself browsing job boards for new positions, scouring LinkedIn to make new connections, and checking your email notifications in hopes that the perfect opportunity is waiting. All of your spare seconds are focused on landing your next medical sales job.

If you’re in the thick of your medical sales job search, set aside one day a week to detach from the process. Shut off your phone, ignore your email, and spend time away from the connected world in order to lessen the pressure and keep yourself centered.

4. Only apply to jobs you really want.

The medical sales job search is packed full of opportunities. So much so that you might feel inclined to submit your resume to every posting you find — especially if you’ve been at the search for a while. 

Keep in mind that not every job will be the right fit for you. You may want to specialize in a specific topic, or you might identify a handful of companies whose mission resonates with your values.

The stress makes it easy to fall into the “more is more” mentality. Still, your experience will be less hectic when you focus on quality over quantity. Allow yourself to focus your time and energy only on the jobs you really want. Then, spend the dedicated time you’ve set aside to focus on applying to those roles, exclusively.