How to Hit Your Medical Sales Targets
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How to Hit Your Medical Sales Targets

Are you worried about hitting your medical sales target? If so, you aren’t alone. Many of your fellow salespeople feel the same and are also wondering what they can do in order to meet their sales quotas. Thankfully, there are a number of different techniques you can use in order to be successful.

Ready to learn how to hit your medical sales targets with ease? Consider some of these tried-and-true tactics.

Track Your Performance

How will you know how successful you are and how close you are to hitting your targets if you don’t track your performance? Whether you use a spreadsheet with multiple tabs to track your contacts, pitches and sales, or one of the many tools out there, you need to know where you stand as far as sales are concerned.

In addition, you can track details like what type of pitch you used or how many steps (meetings, phone calls, follow-ups, etc.) it took before you got a sale from that particular customer. From there, you can use that data in order to improve your performance.

Utilize a Number of Tools to Hit Your Medical Sales Targets

There are plenty of computer and internet-based programs out there that can help you with your sales. Your company may offer a few for you to choose from or you might feel free to choose your own. No matter what, take advantage of what these tools have to offer. They can assist with client capture, follow-ups, sales tracking and more. You won’t have to do all of this manually if you have a program to assist you. And it will make it easier to see where your numbers are for the year so far.

Create a Relationship with Your Customers

There’s a lot to be said about getting along with your customers. They need to see you as more than just another person asking them to buy something. The best way to do this is by developing a relationship with them. Spend some time getting to know them and their needs so you can meet those needs.

Of course, you’ll still need to know more about the products you sell so you can recommend the ones you think will help your customers the most, but this should be done while you build that relationship.

Ask Your Supervisors for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or help. Your supervisors want you to succeed, not only because you’re a part of their team, but also because they chose to hire you, not someone else. They are on your side.

If you’re struggling, ask them to sit through a sample of one of your product pitches or send them an email that you send out to your customers. Ask for feedback on these things to see where and how you can improve. You might be missing something important that can easily be corrected.

Find New Leads to Hit Your Medical Sales Targets

Sometimes, your sales dip because you run out of leads to contact. You’ve contacted everyone on your list, kept them updated and are following up with them, but you aren’t making any sales because everyone has what they need at the moment.

When this happens, it’s time to find some new leads. Do some research in your area and see if there are any medical professionals you haven’t yet contacted. You can also ask your supervisors for assistance with this as well. After all, you don’t want to overlap with one of your colleagues’ territories.

Work on Your Conversion Tactics

Converting is the act of turning a meeting or discussion into a sale. You want to raise your conversion percentage so you meet your sales goals. Although the general standard in medical sales is around a 30% conversion rate, you can always aim for more.

How can you convert contacts into customers? You’ll need to find their pain points, research the products and equipment they need and find ways to build that important relationship. The more work you put into these relationships, the better everything will be because your customers will trust both you and the products you sell.

Raising Your Sales to Hit Your Medical Sales Targets

The reality is that it may take a combination of two or three of these strategies, or even all of them, in order to raise your sales and that’s completely ok. The more time you spend improving your customer relations, putting everything into a program and tracking your results, the better your sales will be. Always remember when in doubt, ask for advice. Your supervisor and team are there to help you!