How to Choose a Medical Sales Market
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How to Choose a Medical Sales Market

With so many different medical sales companies out there, how do you choose the best niche for you? After all, you could specialize in selling pharmaceuticals, equipment, devices and more.

The market you choose has to fit not only your personality but also your education. After all, not everyone can demonstrate surgical sales. Some people just don’t have the stomach for those types of procedures.

So, how can you find your medical sales market? Here are some great suggestions to get you started.

Don’t Always Follow the Money

Yes, medical sales reps get paid well and they earn commission on top of their base salaries. Plus, some specialties within the industry pay more than others. With that said, you don’t always want to choose a specialty simply because it pays more. Instead, you want one that’s a good fit for your skills.

For example, biotech pays very well, but you need to have a solid amount of knowledge when it comes to speaking about the human body and answering questions about the products. If you aren’t able to conform to the science needs of this type of sales, you might be better off with something a little less specific, like medical equipment, even if it pays a little less.

Are You Able to Point Out the Many Uses for Your Products?

Competition is fierce out there for certain products, like surgical and medical devices. Not only do you need to know the main reasons and uses for these items, but you also have to explain to your customers what else they can use them for.

For example, if you’re selling medical devices and your contact already uses a competitor’s product and refuses to change, how can you get them to purchase and use your products? You need to be able to suggest some alternative uses in order to point out to the client they need your product as well. This requires some solid knowledge of the medical field and its products.

How Much Medical Knowledge Do You Have?

Knowing your stuff is something that every medical sales rep deals with, no matter the specialty. However, how much you understand is crucial. If you’ve taken a basic biology class in college and that’s it, then you may not be able to demonstrate surgical techniques using the products you sell. On the other hand, if you’ve gone through special training and aren’t squeamish, then you shouldn’t have a problem with those types of demonstrations.

Some specialties require deeper medical, biology and general science knowledge than others. If you simply aren’t as science-minded and are better at the sales portion of the job, then you should gravitate to something a little less complex. Maybe trying pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, which includes general products every hospital and clinic needs and uses every day.

Understanding the Different Specialties

On top of being able to answer those questions and tips above in order to choose the medical sales market that’s right for you, it helps to have a better understanding of what each specialty sells. There are five main types that you’ll encounter:

  • Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical sales consist of exactly what it sounds like: selling medications to doctors who can provide them to their patients. This encompasses everything from old standards that have been around for some time to the newest prescriptions on the market.
  • Biotechnology – The newest specialty out there, biotech experts use live organisms in order to develop new medical procedures, medications, and devices. Those who choose this specialty need to have a vast knowledge of the field.
  • Medical Devices – Medical device sales require some standard medical knowledge, as well as the ability to demonstrate what a device does, if necessary. This field includes everything from pacemakers to tissue expanders and more. The devices are used in the human body.
  • Surgical – Surgical sales consist of selling items used during surgeries to surgeons and specialists. These people are on top of their fields and you’ll need to demonstrate the products, so you’ll need a working knowledge and some skills.
  • Medical Equipment – This specialty consists of the equipment used daily in a hospital or clinical setting. It includes things that are as simple as rolls of gauze to the heart monitors patients are hooked up to.

Picking the Best Medical Sales Market

As you can see, there are a number of different things to consider when picking a medical sales market to go into. How much knowledge you have or your willingness to gain knowledge is crucial since you’ll be speaking with experts every single day. In the end, you want to choose the medical sales market that best suits both your personality and your knowledge in order to be successful.