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Use these Sales Tools for Higher Earnings in a Virtual Setting

The pandemic has permanently shaken up the world. While more businesses are reopening, and some people are eager to return to something normal, many companies recognize the benefits of the change and hope to continue with the new approach. 

In sales, companies remain focused on a virtual sales process. The “new sales model” relies more on digital outreach than the traditional face-to-face interactions and tradeshow outreach. 

Recent McKinsey & Company research shows that not only do 65% of B2B decision-makers believe the new sales model is just as –if not more — effective, but 79% of respondents were likely to maintain their new sales model after the crisis. 

You’ve likely done well with this new approach so far. But there are certain sales tools and techniques you should implement in your new approach to continue boosting your success in high paying sales jobs.

Here’s how to increase your medical sales earnings in a virtual setting: 

Promote self-serve, digital ordering

In the virtual setting, an online ordering system is a must. As a sales rep, you love engaging and interacting with your customers, but you can’t overlook the importance of offering a digital alternative.

According to the McKinsey & Company survey, buyers prefer digital sales two times more than traditional sales interactions. Also, mobile app ordering is up over 250%, and self-serve digital ordering methods are now the priority for customers. Today’s customers love having the option to be in immediate control of their purchase.

Furthermore, using an online ordering system enables customers to order right away, leading to higher sales. The speed and convenience decrease your competitors’ opportunities to schedule an appointment with your customers’ in between orders. 

If your company doesn’t currently have an ordering system for customers, advocate for the addition to decision-makers. Its efficiency is self-evident, and there is a clear need.

Make yourself available for live chat

There can be no high paying sales jobs without closing sales. And increasing that sales count is all about customer education. As you well know, it is always crucial to converse with customers to ease their doubts and keep them informed. But the most productive format for these conversations is changing

The previously mentioned survey reveals that live chat is up by 93% since 2019, and it’s now seen as the most beneficial tool for researching/considering a supplier. Meanwhile, meeting with a sales rep in person is down by 47%.

Medical sales customers are busy. And it takes time to review the product and prep all of their important questions for an in-person appointment. Through live chat, they are far more likely to ask the questions standing between their objections and a closed sale because they’re thinking about them at the moment. 

Live chat features work well on your end, too. They allow you to quickly interact with customers without scheduling appointments between patients or other distractions in the office space. 

Share online material on social media more frequently

In the “most beneficial tool for supplier interactions” category from the McKinsey & Company survey, online material and social media posts also saw significant increases. Between 2019 and 2020, online material increased in popularity by 14% and social media posts by 85%. 

While both of these tools are useful on their own, combining the two is even more powerful. Add online materials to your social media strategy to further engage customers and increase earnings for virtual high paying sales jobs.

Sharing patient demographics, product developments, company culture, and patient testimonials is highly effective. It puts the spotlight on useful, free information that can get overshadowed on your website.

Then, bring your customers even deeper into the sales funnel with an element of education. Sharing online educational resources on your social channels increases trust and appreciation for your expertise.  


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