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Here Are The 7 Medical Sales Influencers You Should Be Watching

The medical field is constantly evolving — and you should be too. Being an expert on your product is a given. However, knowing what the best-of-the-best out there are doing can help you grow into your true potential.

There’s only one problem: a lot of people exaggerate about how great they are in their field. So, how do you know who has the best sales career advice, is up-to-date on the latest trends you need to know, or who truly knows how to be the go-to expert in the industry? Here are the top seven influencers in medical sales you need to start following:

Linda Hertz

As the leader of a Medical Sales Career Resource Community of over 3,200 people from the medical sales industry, Hertz is one of the medical sales recruiters you need to follow. Her twelve years in Medical Sales Recruitment, 16 years District/Region Vice President medical sales management, and eight years of medical device sales experience have helped her build the incredible and reputable community on her website. Hertz’s website posts current career articles and an array of open positions in the healthcare field.

Where to find Linda Hertz: Twitter and LinkedIn

John Crowley

Crowley is a Healthcare Sales mentor who frequently posts sales career advice, job search tips, healthcare, and medical sales news. His blog shares tools that will help you grow your sales career and find your way to medical sales success. If you’re interested in impacting lives and earning a great living, Crowley’s Twitter can help you overcome interview issues, learn about sales myths, and grow into a great sales leader.

Where to find John Crowley: Twitter and Blog

Lisa McCallister

Lisa McCallister shares actionable success tips, career planning ideas, and medical device news on her Twitter feed to over 1,452 active followers. McCallister doesn’t limit her advice to job seekers and employees, she also speaks to leaders on how to keep employees engaged, successful, and happy.

Where to find Lisa McCallister: Twitter

Peggy McKee

Speaking to 12,000 Twitter followers, Peggy McKee is all about the interview. With a background in career coaching and medical sales recruiting, it’s no surprise so many medical sales pros are following her for helpful tips through posts and webinars. McKee offers actionable tips on interviews in her original blog pieces; but for those who want in depth information, you can speak with her about one-on-one coaching.

Where to find Peggy McKee: Twitter

Joe Hage

Joe Hage leads The Medical Devices Group, the largest medical device community with over 335,000 members. In this group, you can ask questions about the medical device field, find webinars, connect with other professionals in the field, discover resources, and sign-up for events. For those looking for mentor support to grow in the medical field, Hage is an expert worth following.

Where to find Joe Hage: Twitter and LinkedIn

Peter Coffaro

Peter Coffaro isn’t a newbie in the medical sales industry. In fact, he has over 20 years of experience with progressive management success in the medical device industry. Coffaro shares information on new medical devices daily by tweeting original posts, and retweeting trending topics on medical devices.

Where to find Peter Coffaro: Twitter and LinkedIn

Paul Tunnah

CEO of pharmaphorum, Paul Tunnah, has provided a digital platform for professionals in pharmaceuticals to communicate. Tunnah’s Twitter feed is loaded with original articles from his blog about everything from technology in the pharmaceutical industry to his own personal tips on how to become successful in the sales industry. If you’re interested in hearing Tunnah speak, you can find events on his Twitter page.

Where to find Paul Tunnah: Twitter

Who are your favorite influencers in the medical sales field? Let us know in the comments below!