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Gen Z Matches the Needs of Medical Equipment Sales

Naturally, when staffing for medical sales, you want to secure top talent. From biotech to pharmaceuticals to device — each requires differing levels of education and experience when considering the next top hire. Medical equipment sales is no different. In fact, it offers great flexibility in this area making Gen Z applicants perfect top candidates to consider.  

According to our 2021 Medical Equipment Sales Salary Report, the average rep is 43 years old and has thirteen years of experience. But with only 61% of current medical equipment reps having their bachelor’s degree or higher,  those older than Gen Z aren’t the only ones qualified for this sector of medical sales.

In medical equipment sales, there is far less of a disadvantage for young professionals who don’t have the higher education, specialized training or those years of experience yet. These Gen Z candidates have many qualities that employers are looking for. 

Here are four reasons they would be a great fit for the role: 

Gen Zers have the desired soft skills.

Despite the ever-growing skills gap in the workforce right now, many Gen Z professionals actually have the necessary soft skills to satisfy the role of a medical sales rep. 

For example, according to the 2021 LinkedIn State of Sales Report, 86% of sales managers believe that the ability to cope with change is more important than it was five years ago. And a recent Tallo survey found that Gen Z embraces change. As many as 37% indicated that the best way to develop soft skills was stepping outside their comfort zone. 

Moreover, 92% of survey respondents said they could confidently identify which soft skills they have. That self-awareness will carry them far in medical equipment sales. They’ll know what they have to gain from professional development opportunities and how to lean into their strengths when pitching to a customer. 

And out of both high school and college-level respondents, 92% already had a career plan. And they believed the two most essential elements of that plan-making to be finding careers that match their skill set and understanding potential career options.

Thus, you can trust that a Gen Z candidate in medical sales has thoroughly considered how their skills would be a good fit for the role. 

They can lead sales calls virtually. 

The future of sales all depends on the clients’ preference. Face-to-face meetings with reps tend to be popular, but the LinkedIn report reveals that 50% of buyers actually believe remote work makes the purchasing process easier. 

A RAIN Group study conducted during the pandemic in May 2020, however, indicates that many medical sales reps won’t be happy continuing remote sales. An overwhelming 91% of sellers reported that gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping them engaged virtually was very challenging. 

On the buyers’ end, frustration stemmed from not enough sellers leading a thorough needs discovery or making an ROI case effectively. 

The silver lining? Part of Gen Z’s defining attributes is their comfort with using technology. It doesn’t matter whether they utilized video conferencing platforms for school, work, or socializing during the pandemic. Even without that prior sales exposure, they’re able to quickly learn and master the technology.

They will enjoy the sales work model.

Most candidates in Gen Z will love the independence and flexibility that comes with working in medical equipment sales. According to 2020 research from McKinsey, 86% of respondents from the generation feel confident that they can be just as productive while working remotely. Moreover, 74% reported that they’d prefer a job that offered both remote and in-person opportunities. 

While medical sales do not offer a hybrid model in the traditional sense, the remote and in-person work experiences that medical equipment sales provides makes it easy to attract talent from Gen Z. 

The option employers offer medical equipment sales reps to work from home, in the office, and on the road; or no office at all with representatives splitting their time between working from home and driving to see clients face-to-face. While it may not be an exact match of what they are looking for from hybrid work models, it will certainly satisfy their needs and preferences.

They’re passionate about making a difference.

Many studies have recently found that the Gen Z workforce overwhelmingly agrees that what they do should make a difference. For example, a survey from The 74 revealed that 74% of young people want the things they do to have a purpose. And 2021 research from Agility PR uncovered that less than 1 out of 5 Gen Zers would work for a company that does not share their values. 

Of those values, healthcare is the most important social issue to Gen Zers around the world. 

According to our 2021 Best Places to Work Report, most medical sales reps (32%) say making a difference is the best part of their job. 

Further, The 74 study shows that 73% of young people would be more likely to do extra work when they believe in what they’re doing. 

Have no doubt, medical sales is the perfect fit for Gen Z candidates with their desire to have an impact. 

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