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Find Out If the Highest Paying Medical Sales Jobs are Right For You


Here at MedReps, we encourage people to dream big. Medical sales roles are all about fulfilling your passions, hitting majorly impressive goals, and helping customers positively impact their patients’ lives.

Of course, another reality is the hugely rewarding and enticing earning potentials. The highest paying medical sales jobs average well above the $200,000 marker. While we want everyone to reach their greatest earning potential, it’s also critical that you take a moment to understand what those highest paying medical sales jobs entail.

For some pros, these fast-paced, pressure-filled positions are where they belong and will thrive. Others apply for, and sometimes receive, high-paying job offers without fully understanding what the role entails. This leaves them unsatisfied, disengaged, and potentially regretting the move after a few months.

To help you understand if the highest paying medical sales jobs are right for you, we’ve outlined three popular positions. Here’s what you need to know:

National account manager

As a national account manager, you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with some of the biggest, most important accounts. This type of responsibility will land you a potential average compensation of $190,946, according to our 8th Annual Medical Sales Salary Report.

Your role also includes supervising regional managers, ensuring they’re on the right track to increase both sales and profitability. This means you need to hone your impressive attention to detail and ambition to drive key relationships with both large accounts and employees.

For Emma Todd, manager of national strategic accounts team at Allergan, being in this strategic role requires one key skill — admitting when you’re wrong and improving yourself.  

“I live by this motto: be better than I was before, better than anyone expects me to be, and better than my competition. Everything I do is by trial-and-error, then I spend a lot of time reflecting to find out why something doesn’t work,” Todd explained to us.

Being the face of a company isn’t an easy task. Customers and managers aren’t looking for you to be perfect, but they do want a leader. Someone to take responsibility when something goes wrong, find a solution, and ensure it’s being implemented.

Consider your reaction when something goes wrong in your current role. Have you built a strong enough foundation with customers to address the issue without major complications? Or do you go to your manager to find a solution and ask them to step in immediately?

Those who can handle the pressure of turning negative situations into learning opportunities — and are relationship-driven — are the right fit for this role.

Sales management

Sales managers are the peacekeepers, problem solvers, motivational speakers, and relationship builders of the group. They have their hands in almost every part of the sales process. If that sounds overwhelming, already, this isn’t the role for you.

However, if this type of multi-tasking, do-it-all role is exhilarating to you, keep reading. It will also excite you to know our salary report found the average compensation for this role is $193,709.

The skills needed for this role go beyond setting goals and leading a team. You’ll be directing the team’s focus. Looking at data, devising a strategy, and helping the team put all their energy into the highest reward accounts for each month.

Additionally, you’ll be part of the hiring process. From interviews to hiring, all the way to training new reps, it’s your job to create and nurture a strong and successful sales team. If that team fails, the pressure falls directly on your shoulders.

Sales reps aren’t your only responsibility, though. Sales managers also field customer complaints, manage large customer accounts, and attend trade shows to build relationships with potential customers.

To excel in this role, you should be the ‘go-to’ person. The one they come to for career advice, emotional support, and motivation. You also need a strong ability to remain calm in stressful, fast-moving situations to help keep your team feeling confident.

Sales director/Sales VP

Sales directors are executives who create national or international sales plans. Their job is to, then, take those plans and justify them to a board of directors or CEOs. Strategic thinking roles like this are rewarded with an average compensation of $233,387, according to our salary report.

Along with strategic planning and pitching, they’re in charge of checking-in on sales managers to ensure they’re successfully leading and mentoring their teams. They need the perfect balance of strength and empathy to succeed in managing, pitching strategic plans, and creating an atmosphere where sales teams feel supported and happy in their roles.

In this position, you’ll be a crucial part of an organization’s revenue and total sales — no pressure. You need the ability to see the company’s inner workings as a whole entity. Everyone you hire, manage, and support must align with the trends you’re seeing and the strategies you have in place.

Successful sales directors and VPs are intentional and aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone. They’re results-oriented, intelligent, and have a positive attitude, even in the most stressful environments.

Which of these high-paying roles is right for you and why? Let us know!