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Find Medical Sales Success With These Old-School Marketing Strategies

Could traditional marketing techniques be the key to your sales success? As a medical sales rep, you work in an industry always pushing forward at a fast pace. It’s important to embrace new tricks and trends, or you risk being left behind the times. 

However, the most cutting-edge sales techniques in your selling arsenal are actually old-school tactics. These traditional marketing strategies are tried and true, and they’ve stood the test of time for a reason. Embracing these classic marketing tips could be your key to success:

Getting crafty with marketing materials

A good visual can go a long way. In fact, 69% of respondents in a recent Venngage study believe visuals are essential to marketing strategies, and 40% agree that the best results come from original graphics. 

You don’t have to buy into every new marketing trend, especially if you have data that backs up the effectiveness of more tried-and-true methods. Sure, the latest trend might be to throw away infographics or focus less on visuals, but if they’re appealing to your customers and leading to sales, you should invest in visual materials.

Making custom branded marketing materials for your clients shows you care about them not just a sales number. Think out of the box and put together presentations that align with your client’s personal taste, whether this means aligning your graphics with their pop-art inspired office decor or keeping things classic but aligning with their brand colors. Channeling your creative energy into visuals that pop and appeal to your client, prove you’re not just another cookie-cutter sales rep.

Customizing pitches to customers’ needs

Don’t just think about what you need to be successful, keep your customer’s success in mind as well. By the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, according to a report by Walker. But often, customer-needs are overlooked because sales reps are lead to believe they have to promote out-of-the-box product models and informational pamphlets. 

Take a moment to think of what your customer needs to be successful and then customize the information you offer them in order to show that the product you’re selling meets those needs. Creating custom packets for various patient health scenarios will show you’re thinking of your client and have their patients’ best interests at heart.

Prioritizing authentic personal connections

This might seem counterintuitive, but just stop pitching for a minute. Instead, talk and really listen to what your clients are telling you. Salespeople need to make time for personal connections outside of the usual sales routine. These genuine connections are powerful when it comes to making you stand out from the crowd. 

Critical listening is one of the best habits to develop to ensure sales success. After all, the previously-mentioned Walker report noted 62% of companies will now invest to meet the changing needs of customers. Your clients are more than just line items, they’re also people with stories to tell. Take a second and really listen.

Passing around your email address

Remarkably, more than 50% of people in the U.S. check their personal email account more than 10 times a day, according to research by Campaign Monitor? They also revealed email is by far people’s preferred method to receive updates from brands. So don’t be afraid to give everyone your email address.

Email is a great marketing tool and an even better way to keep on top of sales opportunities. Make sure to check your email frequently and follow up fast on questions and concerns from prospects and customers. A prompt reply makes a big difference.

And don’t be afraid to use email to send out friendly check-ins to keep you top-of-mind. Just keep in mind it’s important to keep your emails personal, useful, and actionable. Don’t just send an email to remind customers you exist, instead send along something useful like a new flier for an Rx they’re already writing or research on a new drug or device they might be interested in. 

Going door to door

It’s perhaps the oldest trick in the official sales professional handbook (if one existed): going door-to-door. 

Taking steps to find new customers the old fashioned way really makes a difference when it comes to creating a personal connection and showing that you’re willing to go the extra mile for sales success. We recently shared an incredible story from Kerry Melin, founder of EasyHold, who told us in an interview that she and her sister-team would camp out in hallways and lunchrooms in order to talk to doctors and therapists about the value of their product.

If you want to achieve sales success, start by walking through the door. Meet staff and other professionals to show them you’re friendly, personable, and ambitious. Bring samples, models, and marketing materials — and leave them wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to get out in the world and shake some hands. Sometimes the most simple sales techniques matter the most.