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5 Tips to Make Your Sales Resume Timeless

Medical Sales Resume Tips for a Timeless ResumeIn today’s competitive healthcare sales marketplace, a resume with outdated formatting raises all sorts of red flags and is a sure-fire way to ensure you don’t get considered for role.

Make your resume “timeless” so readers remain in the dark about your age with these five tips for writing a resume:

1. Contact Information

Believe it or not, the information you choose to include in the contact information can reveal your age. For our first medical sales resume tip, we have a few savvy suggestions that will ensure the reader is left guessing:

Stick with one phone number

In sales, it is common to have a work and a mobile phone, and you may be tempted to include a home number for safe measure. Today’s readers want just one number where you are likely to pick up and where yours is the voice the caller hears in a recording.

Updated Email

Emails with a Hotmail or AOL extension tell the readers right away your email is from the 1990s – and may leave the impression (however false) that your technology aptitude has not kept up with the times.

Switch instead to a web-based email like Gmail to camouflage your age – and remember to check it regularly!

LinkedIn url

Include your LinkedIn URL to show the reader you have a basic understanding of social media.

2. Replace the objective with a career title and branding paragraph

Our #2 sales resume tip is to replace the objective statement with a career headline that tells the reader the roles for which you are targeting. Follow it up with a powerful and customized branding statement that shows the reader how you are ideally suited for the role.


In the world of medical device sales, for instance, a headline might read “Award-winning Medical Device Territory Manager Specializing in Cardiology.”

Branding Paragraph

Customize your branding paragraph by weaving in language from job postings of interest, inserting applicable terms sure to impress like “President’s Club Award Winner,” and including stats that showcase territory turnaround, new product launch success, revenue growth or quotas success.

3. Focus on recent experience

Readers want to know what you’ve been doing for the last 10-15 years, as this is usually most relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Include a “Previous Experience” section that lists more historical experience and remove the dates. Devote a line or two ONLY if the experience tells a good, and relevant, story. Otherwise, just include the company name and title to show career progression.

4. Lead each job description with a powerful achievement

Studies show readers spend just six seconds on their first pass of a resume. This translates into often only reading the first bullet below each job description – making it critical the first thing they see is something impactful. Ask yourself what your proudest moment was at each role and lead off with that.

5. Eliminate references

The ancient line, “References Available Upon Request” is not necessary anymore.

Save professional references for later along in the interview process, and only after you’ve received everyone’s approval for inclusion.

New times call for new techniques

Finally, whether you’re looking for medical device, biotech, or even pharmaceutical sales resume tips, resume styles and trends will continue to evolve. Maintain a competitive advantage by keeping yours timeless and current in both style and content.

Virginia Franco

– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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