how to get entry-level pharma jobs at Avion
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Entry-level Pharma Jobs: Sr. Recruiter at Avion Pharmaceuticals Reveals How to Get One

As the Small Pharma Winner of MedReps Best Places to Work in Medical Sales Awards, Avion Pharmaceuticals has no trouble attracting top talent. We asked Ebony Mattox, Sr. Recruiter at Avion, to tell us a little more about what it’s like to work at Avion, what type of entry-level pharma jobs Avion has open, and what she’s looking for in pharma sales candidates.

What makes Avion the Best Place to Work?

Strong Leadership, excellent employee experience, corporate culture, and product pipeline are some of the main reasons which make Avion the Best Place to Work.  We follow the philosophy of rewarding those who produce and encourage the internal, organic growth of all our associates. Additionally, we offer excellent health benefits, training, retirement benefits, company car and credit card, participation units, tenure awards, parental leaves, and many more employee-friendly benefits. Our CEO, Art Deas, ensures that Avion employees are consistently equipped with the tools needed to be successful in the field. Such care & support leads to a company culture that is second to none!

What kind of jobs are you hiring for?

The vast majority of our openings are for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. We also have inside sales, training manager, Product Manager, District Sales Manager, and other executive corporate roles within our head office. All openings are listed on our website

What type of experience are you looking for a candidate to have?

One of the great things about Avion & Acella Pharmaceuticals is that we are able to consider candidates with little to no pharma sales experience. However, some outside sales experience is always preferred.

From an application standpoint, what makes a candidate stand out as someone you want to call?

  • Resume Presentation – We are seeking professional Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. If the applicant doesn’t put care and thought into the resume; it is likely they will not put care and thought into how they present themselves to offices. Helpful hint: applicants should always check spelling & formatting prior to submitting the resume.
  • Brag a Bit – The second thing that makes a candidate stand out is listing their sales successes, awards, and achievements in their resume. These things separate the high achievers from the average sales reps.
  • Longevity and minimal gaps between employers – At Avion & Acella Pharmaceuticals, we seek candidates that want to join and grow with the company. When it is represented that they have been loyal with previous employers. The odds are they will be a loyal employee for us as well.

What can a candidate do to impress you in the phone interview?

Great question! I’m impressed by the candidate’s personality. Someone that doesn’t have “cookie-cutter” answers, but makes it conversational. If applicants can do that with me, they will have no problem in the field. I’m also impressed by sincerity and passion for this career path.

And lastly, what is the best way to make a great face-to-face impression?

The 1st thing is of course coming in with a professional appearance, 2nd would be confidence & communication skills, and 3rd, having some knowledge of the company and the products we offer, and 4th-asking well thought out questions not just questions that came from a Google search. We know!