Don’t Search for Medical Sales Jobs Alone. MedReps Has the Support You Need

Your job search is potentially the most influential thing you’ll do this year. Even if it seems small at the moment, your next move will affect the rest of your medical sales career.

While this is a monumental process and decision, the job search often feels very lonely.

Unfortunately, many job seekers take on this huge burden themselves. You don’t want your co-workers or boss to find out you’re looking, and you want to make sure your family doesn’t worry about the future.

While these intentions are understandable, you deserve to be surrounded by a strong, united community that sympathizes with the challenges of searching for the best medical sales job.

The MedReps community is familiar and empathizes with the struggles you go through. So, we put together a snapshot of our current members.  

As you take a look inside our diverse community to see where you’ll fit, remember, you’re not alone:

Jobs to fit your passions

There are opportunities in the medical sales field for people with various passions — so don’t limit yourself.

The representatives in our community have careers in:

Take a critical look at your current career and field. Do you have a strong passion for your products? Do you believe in the good they produce for customers? If not, start researching these product categories. Look at the current popular products under each and consider which you’d be excited to present to customers every day.

Experiences from all walks of sales

The most common — and dangerous — misconception about medical sales careers is that you need direct experience to be considered for a job. However, this isn’t always the case. And if you’re up to the task, you can present any type of sales background as the ‘right’ experience for a job opening.

Many of our members do have experience in medical or pharmaceutical sales and marketing (78 percent). However, 62 percent are experienced in B2B sales. Of those experienced in B2B sales, 50 percent are in field sales, 26 percent are in sales or marketing, 18 percent are in inside sales, and 6 percent are independent/contractors.

No matter your background, MedReps has an opportunity for you. Whether you have years of medical sales experience or are new the industry, companies are looking for passionate and dedicated sales pros with your unique skills.

Employed and looking

The job search can be even more complicated when you’re already employed. That’s why our members turn to MedReps for support in finding the next best step for their career advancement.

In fact, even though most of our members are currently employed, 69 percent are looking to make a change. Some are looking for more money/a better commission structure (19 percent), while others want more stability (18 percent). Twelve percent of reps are looking for a full-time position or want to transition into a different niche (11 percent). And then there is the 9 percent who are working in an unrelated field but want to break into medical sales.

No matter what your current career track or reason for job searching, there are reps who can relate and recruiters ready to take your application at MedReps.

The majority of our members apply to over 21 jobs during the course of their membership, and we have the support you’ll need to navigate your job search process.  

What job seeking challenges do you run into? Let us know!