Developing your Medical Sales Career
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Developing Your Medical Sales Career

When it comes to medical sales, there’s one place every sales rep wants to go: up. They envision themselves as the leader of their team, the manager in charge of the whole sales group or even the company’s CEO. Of course, it’s impossible to work your way up the ladder unless you’ve proven yourself as a reliable salesperson who can meet their targets and make their customers happy.

But let’s be honest, it takes a bit of time to end up at the top. The good news is there are several things you can do to show your supervisors you have what it takes. Wondering what they are? We’re happy to share.

Volunteer for Extra Tasks to Develop You Medical Sales Career

There’s nothing a manager likes more than employees who want to help and volunteer for extra responsibilities. While those new tasks don’t always come with a higher pay rate, at least not right away, they will eventually pay off in one way or another. Either you’ll end up with a raise or a promotion. By volunteering for these extra tasks, you’re telling your bosses you care about the company and are willing to help out and do whatever it takes to get things done. Those are qualities they want to see in an employee who’s gunning for a leadership role.

Take Every Leadership Opportunity Available

Speaking of leadership, you’ll need to prove to your managers you can be an effective leader. This means volunteering not only for extra tasks, as explained above but also for leadership opportunities. Do they need someone to put together a team and design a PowerPoint Presentation? That’s something you can handle. By putting yourself in leadership roles, you’re essentially telling your supervisors you’re ready for the job and willing to handle it. The next steps are up to you.

Get an Additional College Degree or Two to Develop Your Sales Career

Although you might already have a college degree, you should consider heading back to school on a part-time basis if you want to move ahead in your company. There are many programs available for adults who need to balance their school and work time accordingly. If you’re wondering which types of programs will help you move up the corporate ladder, here are a few options:

  • An MBA – Short for Master of Business Administration, these degrees often require a student to pick a specialty when applying, such as management or marketing. While you’ll learn quite a bit about leadership through the basic courses that make up a part of the degree, the specialization will allow you to hone your skills and train you to be an effective leader.
  • A Master’s Degree in Health Administration – Yes, your company more than likely has people with this degree working as supervisors of its lab or playing a higher role in the governing of the business, and since this is what you want, it’s a good option. A Master’s in Health Administration is designed to teach you not only how to lead but how to lead a medical facility, which is kind of what you’ll be doing.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business – If you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree, then getting one is a good option. Consider majoring in business management, with a minor in biology and you’ll be on the road to developing your medical sales career in more ways than one.

Be an Exemplary Employee

Your managers don’t want to just promote people who are capable of doing the job, they also want to promote those who have a solid track record and good reputation. In order to make it onto their radar, do everything you can to show reliability. Show them you can meet your deadlines and your sales goals. Prove to them you’re an honest employee who isn’t interested in violating the rules. Be the person that exemplifies the company’s standards and policies in every way.

Meet Those Sales Goals

Of course, you’ll need to meet your sales goals as well. This is true of every medical sales rep. As long as you show you can do this consistently, your bosses will have you earmarked for promotions.

Developing Your Medical Sales Career

As you can see, developing your medical sales career requires you to do everything in your power to prove you have the leadership skills to become a manager, as well as the sales skills the company requires of someone in your current position.