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Connect These 3 Modern Medical Trends To Your Products

Mergers and acquisitions, healthcare reform, medical device tax — there’s no doubt the medical sales world has been shaken in many ways over the last few years. Yet, these shifts haven’t stopped or even slowed innovation.

It can be argued that healthcare innovation has gained more momentum and power than ever. Medical sales reps are passionate about innovation that improves the lives of their customers and patients. However, sometimes, medical innovation directly — or indirectly — impacts reps’ sales numbers in an adverse way.

Trends in healthcare often determine how the public views medical products being sold and prescribed by your clients. They also impact how frequently products are used, replaced, and upgraded.

Rather than viewing popular medical trends as a burden, medical sales reps can use them to their advantage in the sales field. Here’s how you can start using medical trends as part of your strategic planning:

1. Wearable devices

Wearable devices are gaining momentum as one of the most popular medical trends. In fact, 30 percent of U.S. consumers own a fitness band, according to a recent Statista report. Of those consumers, 44 percent used their sport and fitness gadgets on a daily basis.

The reason wearable devices are increasing in popularity stems from another medical trend — self-advocacy. These devices allow patients to easily track their health and quickly assess the results. This enables them to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the doctor’s office.

Show customers how your product can work with their wearable devices. Of course, not all devices will literally connect or pair with fitness trackers. However, they can work alongside patients’ self-monitoring practices to help them track and remain accountable to their own healthcare needs.

2. Convenience and ease-of-use

“Alexa, reorder test strips.”

Today’s most popular tech trends are making life easier and easier. Consumers can simply command a device to lock their doors, turn on the lights, play their favorite song, and even make a purchase.

The same type of convenience and ease-of-use is expected of medical products. And many companies are already making advancements in this area. Take Dexcom’s G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System as an example.

With this device, people living with diabetes no longer need to monitor their sugar levels with frequent, daily finger pricks. The G6 allows them to track their glucose level in real-time and patients can use their smart devices to check their numbers.

The patient-focused, ease-of-use and convenience trend makes Dexcom’s product so popular. You can hop on this trend by showing how easy your product is to use and how its convenience will give patients more freedom to live their lives how they choose. Join doctors for patient demos to ensure they’re immediately seeing the efficiency and accuracy of your product.

3. The millennial effect

Millennials have made big waves in the business community. So much that they’ve had an entire ‘effect’ named after them.

The millennial effect marks a change in consumers’ expectations from businesses. A whopping 86 percent of Americans, in fact, believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever, according to a SproutSocial report. And with today’s technology, consumers are receiving more information as well.

When consumers have an unlimited amount of resources, companies must step-up their own transparency efforts. Medical sales reps are in charge of ensuring they remain on top of this trend by offering high-quality customer service.

Even though you’re not customer-facing, you must advocate for patients. Offer as many product details as possible. Above all, be honest when you truly feel your product isn’t a good fit for a patient. While missing out on one sale, that person will connect you and your product with the transparency and customer service they — like so many others — crave.

What modern medical trends are impacting your sales? Let us know!