Best Places to Work

Find Out Why CONMED is a Top 3 Best Place to Work in 2020

Every medical sales employer is working toward being the best. At the same time, every sales rep is on the hunt for the TOP employer. 

One company that continually reaches success as a top-three Best Place to Work, according to its employees, is CONMED. For the third year in a row, medical sales employees are boasting about the company’s positive culture and their ability to make an impact on the world through CONMED’s opportunities. 

But how do they keep up with the changing trends to remain a renowned Best Place to Work? Lisa McCallister, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition & HR Training, and Shaelie Lambarth, Director of Global Talent Acquisition & EMEA HR Leader, share their insights below: 

You’ve been voted as a top Best Place to Work for the third year in a row. What changes has the company made over the last year to keep employees not just satisfied, but loving their careers at CONMED? 

By focusing on employees’ strengths, we engage and develop them to take on greater roles and challenges at CONMED. This progression of internal talent is something we are very proud of. We’ve also launched a number of innovative new products, which makes selling much more exciting, fun, and rewarding for our sales teams.

Lisa McCallister

We have focused on both organic and acquisition-based innovation. This keeps our internal teams excited and keeps our sales-force bags full. It also enables our sales teams to put the best products in the hands of their customers.

Shaelie Lambarth

Medical sales survey respondents noted opportunities for growth as one of the top three reasons their company should win Best Places to Work. How does CONMED ensure employees have ample room for growth and support to accomplish their career goals? 

Whenever possible, we promote from within. Because we are growing, there are more opportunities for top performers to advance their careers at CONMED.

Lisa McCallister

With the growth we have seen, it has enabled us to expand our salesforce. In turn, we’ve created new sales and sales leadership positions, which we’re able to promote many internal sales reps into. We also believe growth is not always up a ladder. Sometimes our team must move horizontally to learn and grow. We are open to someone switching from marketing to finance or HR to sales. When you perform and your strengths align, we will look to continue to grow you in many areas of the organization.

Shaelie Lambarth

In a world of social media, scandals, and conflict, how do CONMED’s leaders prove to employees they’re honest and trustworthy? 

We have five pillars at CONMED. The first one is, “We do things the right way.” Our leadership lives by this pillar just as the rest of us do. Operating with integrity is important and evident at all levels of the organization.

Lisa McCallister

It starts with leadership and our top leader lives and breathes honesty and trustworthiness and expects it all the way down the organization.

Shaelie Lambarth

The majority of medical sales survey respondents say the most important part of corporate culture and values is work-life balance. How does CONMED promote work-life balance in such a demanding industry?

Our CEO talks about the importance of taking care of ourselves and our families as a priority for all employees. We serve our customers better and have more to offer when we take good care of ourselves.

Lisa McCallister

At CONMED, we believe in results and getting the results the right way. There is no one way to get the right results. When the role allows it, we believe in flexibility to allow employees to decide how and when that job gets done. This enables us to support our employees’ whole selves.

Shaelie Lambarth 

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