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CONMED Case Study

The Takeaway

  • CONMED finds experienced candidates easier and faster with
  • Using the database, CONMED easily finds and contacts candidates they couldn’t connect with using other sites
  • On average, for every 10 applicants, CONMED finds about five quality candidates
  • CONMED uses both the resume database and job board as an essential part of their sales recruiting process

“[] has consistently been invaluable year in and year out.”

–Lisa McCallister
Recruiting Consultant, SPHR, CONMED


CONMED medical sales jobs on

Quick Overview

CONMED, a medical device company, began using to find specialized sales talent back in 2007. For eight years, CONMED has hired premium candidates using job postings on and its resume database of members.

The Basics

CONMED is a medical device company that develops and distributes minimally invasive surgical products to hospitals around the globe. They sell close to 10,000 products across five product lines. With a robust product line, the company hires approximately 100 new employees in sales and marketing each year.

After hearing that was a valuable resource from key industry players, CONMED decided to try it for themselves.

“A lot of people said is the place to go to find out what’s going on in the industry and what jobs are open.”

The Challenge

Finding the right candidate in a sea of talent is hard enough. Add in the specialized skills and medical device experience necessary for CONMED’s broad product portfolio, and recruiting can become extremely challenging.

Using traditional and general job board platforms alone, CONMED had a difficult time finding qualified candidates with prior experience in the industry.

How Helped

  • Experienced Candidates: With a narrowed pool of specialized professionals, CONMED can easily identify the best talent for the job. Their job postings on typically bring in about 10-30 applicants, and half of these professionals are promising. In comparison, postings on general job board sites may garner 100 applications, but only 2 or 3 candidates are worth investigating.

“When we need a candidate with prior experience, MedReps is usually going to be the best source. Whether it’s the posting or using the database, we can specifically find a candidate with a strong device background.”

  • Knowledgeable Candidates: Using a niche job search site helps CONMED find job seekers who are knowledgeable and interested in the industry. These professionals are more likely to understand trends and be familiar with current events.

“MedReps does a really good job of sharing industry information. So people that come to us from MedReps seem to be more industry savvy and have a better lay of the land in the medical device industry.”

  • Valuable Resource: Using in conjunction with traditional job boards and professional networking sites, CONMED can find the information about candidates they need. Using the database, they can find contact information and resumes for professionals they are interested in.

“LinkedIn might give current history, but MedReps can often provide us with the contact info that’s needed.”

The Process

On average, CONMED takes 60 days to hire new employees, but identifies promising candidates through within the first 2 weeks of the search. Here’s how they use in their hiring process:

  • As soon as CONMED has an open sales position, the job description is posted on

  • Within the first few days of posting the job, CONMED recruiters search through the database to find promising candidates.

  • LinkedIn is then used to search for passive candidates. While InMail is useful, CONMED recruiters actually return to to see if the potential candidates’ contact information is in the database.

  • Throughout the hiring process, CONMED frequently refers back to to see if new resumes have been posted and check for any other candidates to interview.

The Results

CONMED finds experienced, qualified candidates and hires professionals using both the resume database and job ads. Overall, over the past four years ~20 percent of CONMED sales hires have come from

“Over time, MedReps has been a consistent and reliable source for talent. I would consider it one of our primary tools in recruiting for the sales force.”