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Connect. Build Rapport. Close Sales. Communication Tools to Help Every Step of the Way

The world seems to be turning faster, and everyone needs an answer immediately. We’re glued to our phones, our messaging devices, and constantly checking our emails. But are we choosing the best ways to stay connected and share ideas? Are there communication tools that can help streamline this work? 

The good news, yes. The better news, we’ve already found them. 

Everything from the tools needed to connect with new potential clients to staying organized with existing clients. We’ve even identified tools that will help you analyze the effectiveness of your messages. Some have a direct impact on your client interactions while others will help improve your communications internally and build up your knowledge base and network of connections. 

Data from various sources compiled by EveryoneSocial confirms effective internal and external communications can lead to drastically positive results in many areas. These include higher employee engagement, more collaboration within and across teams, and greater sales and business results. 

It makes sense. More informed sales teams can better leverage product information and updates. 

Despite its importance, communication continues to be an area where organizations struggle. Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. Staying connected with your clients adds another level of complexity, especially as more conversations are now virtual. 

We’re here to help you stay connected internally on your team and make those crucial connections with clients externally. So, we’ve reviewed a few tried and true communication tools. Take a look:


Need more instant replies and a faster way to communicate internally? Slack offers a professional instant-messaging platform that allows for quick collaboration, personalized responses, and cross-app integration. If your clients use this platform already, Slack offers the ability to work with external partners in a shared channel. If your team is looking for a way to share resources and best practices, look no further. Have individual conversations, team chats, and even make video or audio calls all in one place. 

Cost:  Free option for small teams with limited features; three tiers of pricing for larger organizations with additional users and access to full features


Zoom brings people together in the virtual space via secure video conferencing, webinars, and chats. An incredibly user-friendly platform, Zoom links can be added to calendar invites and don’t require an additional software installation to work. This is great for client conversations with folks who don’t want to install new programs on their work devices. 

Additionally, Zoom allows for screen-sharing, polling, breakout rooms, and whiteboards. Any meeting can be recorded for playback and review. It’s a powerful communication tool that helps remote calls feel much more personal. Recently, Zoom also added a few fun new features such as virtual backgrounds, video filters, and reactions you can use to check for attendee understanding along the way. 

Cost: Free basic plan; three tiers of paid plans starting at $149.90 per user per year


Your phone is likely an extension of your arm. Let’s supercharge it with the best apps. These might vary based upon your clients’ preferences, but there are a few options that allow you to go beyond simple calls and texts. 

WhatsApp allows for secure texting and calling to international clients or colleagues. Instantly share photos or videos, but go beyond that. WhatsApp allows users to share documents and files up to 100 Mpbs. There’s also a new WhatsApp Business App, designed to showcase product catalogs and provide customer support.

Cost: FREE

Gmail and Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) 

An industry leader for productivity, Google knows how to build communication tools that can be used in every step of a project. Gmail integrates with nearly every extension and add-on that exists, including the ones we’ve listed above. With easy-to-use features, you can quickly personalize your inbox to keep your conversation chains organized and prioritized. 

Additionally, the full Google Workspace suite of offerings includes Google Drive, which allows for real-time collaboration outside of your organization. Quickly invite your client to access your next sales deck or folder of follow-up resources, and keep all of their materials organized in one folder. Schedule calls with Google Meet links in a clean calendar that also allows you to integrate tasks and to-do lists in one place. 

Internally, work collaboratively with your team on new presentations from the comfort of your own remote offices. Offer feedback and revisions on shared Documents, Spreadsheets, and Drawings. Stay connected with co-workers via Gchat and video calls. 

Cost: Free for individual accounts; Business accounts start at $6/user and vary based upon number of accounts 


A browser extension, Grammarly functions like an upgrade to your high school English teacher with just a click of a button. All you have to do is write, and Grammarly takes care of the rest. Grammarly checks for common errors and mistakes, as well as more complex issues with tone and readability. It can also analyze your writing over time and will make suggestions based on trends. 

It easily connects with multiple platforms and social media, so you’re ready to communicate professionally whether you’re drafting a formal email, crafting a proposal or just setting up your weekly social shares.

Cost: Free for basic plan; paid monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions are available for more in-depth support


A genius little app designed to simplify email, Boomerang works with Gmail and Outlook on your desktop and on your iOS and Android devices. With built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Boomerang also helps to analyze word choice, readability, and basic proofreading. The more powerful pieces of this communication tool lay in the information you can get about each email sent. 

You can quickly get read receipts, open rates, and even set reminders to have it come back to you if there’s no reply. Additionally, Boomerang realizes there’s a lot of pressure to constantly be in your inbox, so they’ve also added a pause button. This feature is perfect for when you just need to go heads-down on a project. And if you prefer to keep all communications during certain working hours, you can also schedule messages to go out at a later time. 

Cost: Free basic option; three tiers of pricing; personal, pro, and premium for additional features, support, and user accounts

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Not sure if your emails are even being opened? Need to send a mass email around a product update while having it seem personalized? YAMM is here to help. Designed to simplify mail merges, YAMM allows you to quickly create and analyze your next email campaign. You’ll be able to review open rates, click rates, and reply rates to gauge the effectiveness of your communication and plan your follow-up.

Cost: Free for basic subscription with limited sends; $20.00/year for unlimited access


Requiring a bit more buy-in from your company, SalesForce can be a one-stop-shop for all of your customer relationship needs. The world’s leading CRM platform, SalesForces brings marketing, sales, and communications all in one place. You can work from your phone or your desktop to quickly create quotes, track communications, plan follow-up, and have a pulse on all pieces of a deal – from initial conversations to invoicing. Clients won’t directly know you’re using this platform, but they’ll feel the effects of having the information at your fingertips. 

Cost: Customized pricing plans dependent upon features and users activated, yearly subscription costs

Social Media 

You’re aware, of course, you need to build up your personal brand via social media. But you may not have considered your social media accounts as a means of communication. These platforms are generally free and your clients are already on them. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow for public sharing of ideas, posts, and resources, so you can build up your credibility in the medical sales space, but can also directly message other users.

While you’re staying up-to-date with new trends or products in the market, you can drop a relevant article into a client’s in-mail. You might not always communicate on a personal level with clients on these platforms, but staying at the top of their inboxes and minds will solidify your relationship and position you as their primary expert.

Communicating through social platforms and building up your professional network makes you more accessible and approachable. New connections can turn into prospects and potential clients or future colleagues.

Be ready to adapt to the changing world of communication. New apps and platforms are being created all the time. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. Ask your clients what’s the best way to reach them, and learn to engage through their preferred methods as a means to fill your communication toolbox. 

Cost: Free; LinkedIn offers a Premium account with multiple tiers of pricing ranging from upgraded access for job seekers to accounts for sales professionals and more

Make sure you’re sending the right message. Brush up on your communication skills via books, podcasts, or courses.