Client Management: Useful Tips for Medical Sales Reps
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Client Management: Useful Tips for Medical Sales Reps

It’s important to have good relationships with your clients. However, these relationships can often feel like a roller coaster ride because you are actively trying to sell your products to them.

Whether they stop being interested in the medical products you represent or they are very busy and difficult to get ahold of, it’s up to you to maintain the relationship. In order to do so, you need a good client management system. You need to develop your own system and find ways to keep it updated and running.

Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful suggestions to get your client management system off on the right foot.

What is Client Management and Why is it Important?

Without client management, your clients are just names on a piece of paper. They aren’t customers or even people you really know. In order to be successful at medical sales, you need to know some good client management techniques and have a system in place that allows you to truly get to know your clients. That’s how you’ll make those crucial sales.

Effective Client Management Skills to Focus On

Looking for some good client management skills you need to brush up on? Here are some of the most effective ones to put into your personal toolkit.

Determine the Mode of Communication

The first time you meet with a client, you must ask them how they prefer to communicate. Some people like phone calls, while others prefer email or text. It’s up to you to ask them about their preferences and make a note of it as part of a good client management routine.

This way you’ll not only remember what they prefer, but you’ll also know just how to reach out to them without making a crucial mistake like calling someone who prefers a quick text or email.  

Prepare a Timetable for Client Management Tasks

What does your typical week look like? If you do everything correctly, you should have a solid client management timetable on your hands. If not, you’ll need to set one up. Every day of the week should have some time dedicated to these tasks, where you follow up with existing clients, contact new ones and spend some time sifting through their pain points so that you have an angle with which to sell them products.

Invest in Client Management Tools

There are a number of different tools out there that can help you manage your clients. These tools can track who you spoke to and when they last purchased from you and hold all of their contact information including their preferred method of communication. With the right tools, client management can be easy.

Bring Transparency into Your Client Management Process

How transparent are you currently with your clients? Do you tell them about new developments and products they’d be interested in or do you hope they keep up with this information on their own? If it’s the latter, then your client management system needs some adjusting. You should be the one informing them of all the latest developments.

If you aren’t, then it will be extremely difficult to be successful in the medical sales world. Whether you choose to set up a newsletter of sorts for your clients or just be available to speak with them weekly about new developments, it’s crucial you do so.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Follow-ups are extremely important. No matter what, you need to follow up with your clients. Once you meet with them in person, send them a message thanking them for their time. Let them know that you’re going to keep an eye out for those aforementioned new developments so they know to expect some sort of weekly communication from you.

You’ll need to grow your relationship with your clients so they not only trust you but also know you’re looking out for their best interests. The last thing you want to do is introduce yourself and then disappear, only popping up when you need to make a sale in order to meet your quota.


As you can see, client management requires a system, as well as many other working parts. In order to forge a relationship with your clients, you need to keep them informed of new product developments and follow up with them weekly to see what’s going on in their world. Having a good client management system in place can make it easier for you to make those sales, making you a success in the medical sales world.