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How to Use Analytics to Improve Recruitment

  Information is everywhere, and more and more industries are analyzing big data to make sense of it all. But recruiters are falling behind. According to a survey of 480 large companies, only four percent have the capability to perform predictive analytics about their workforce, and just 14 percent have performed significant talent analytics at […]

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15 Years of Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2000, a group of medical sales recruiters founded to connect with experienced medical sales professionals. The first users found success on the site and spread the word to their friends and colleagues. Fifteen years later, we’re still helping medical sales recruiters and skilled industry professionals find each other. A lot has changed since […]

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Ageism in the Workplace: The Age Bias in Hiring for Medical Sales

Does the Medical Sales Industry Have an Age Bias? Whoever said, “Life begins at 40,” clearly wasn’t looking for a job in medical sales. In fact, for medical sales job seekers, something else altogether seems to begin at 40; the sad reality of age discrimination. Of course, it’s not something anyone likes to think about […]


6 Ways Mobile Recruiting Is Changing the Way We Hire [WHITEPAPER]

Ninety-six times.  On average, that’s the number of times Americans check their phones a day, according to an August 2019 survey conducted by Asurion. That equates to once every 10 minutes, which is a 20% daily increase from a similar survey Asurion conducted two years ago.  These high usage numbers make it no surprise that […]


Recruiter Said They’ll Get Back To You? This Is What They Mean [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all been through this. A recruiter says one thing, it sounds like another. You think you’re still in the running to be the next great hire, when the recruiter found a big error on your resume. The position calls for sales device experience, but you think your experience in pharma will cover that. It’s […]

employee perks and benefits for medical sales
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Beyond Cars & Expense Accounts: A Grounded Look at Perks & Benefits

Medical sales reps are famous for the perks of their job. There is almost a mythology built around the benefits they receive. Of course, while medical sales reps enjoy some great perks, it isn’t the lifestyle that those outside the industry might imagine. In recent years, the benefits that reps have enjoyed are not what […]

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How Great Companies Miss Out on Great Candidates

Finding the Great Candidates Often companies don’t even realize where they went wrong. They just assume it’s the nature of the hiring process, without understanding that they may have made a misstep. Here are a few ways that companies miss out on great applicants. 1. They Forget That They Are Being Interviewed Too  While the […]

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Behind the Scenes with a Medical Sales Recruiter

Ah, the mysterious medical sales recruiter. Who are these gate keepers, enlisted to help companies find top tier talent? Their job postings are often vague; their  responses usually minimal. But if you’re searching for a new medical sales job, who better to have on your side? Of course, if you’re hoping to work with a medical sales […]

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Recruiting on LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting without Spending a Fortune Medical sales recruiters know that LinkedIn is no passing recruiting fad. The professional networking site promises to be a valuable resource for recruiters, which is why 90% of job posters on MedReps have profiles on the site. But having a profile doesn’t indicate whether or […]