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Challenging Staffing Clients – Tips to Work With 4 Types

Congratulations! You’ve landed a new account and are excited to kick things off and build trust with your new client. To ensure you can meet their needs and expectations from Day 1, you need to determine exactly what kind of client you’re working with. In your first meeting, you want to identify red flags and […]


3 Ways to Lay a Foundation for Trust with Medical Sales Companies

If only new staffing clients could review your accomplishments and trust your ability to find them the best new medical sales pros by taking a quick look at your application materials. Your professional resume would reveal your successful talent sourcing process through carefully-ordered bullets and glowing references. But that’s just not how you build trust […]

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How to Identify Candidates Who Can Handle Stress in Sales

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, workers’ stress reached a record high in 2020, and North America suffers from some of the highest rates in the world. Since stress in sales is so common for reps, it’s crucial that you assess candidates’ coping skills in your staffing process.  There’s nothing wrong […]


When It’s Worthwhile to Hire Talent with No Training for Sales

You expect your top medical sales candidates will qualify for the job when recruiting for open positions in medical sales. But it’s becoming more and more challenging to overcome the competition and attain the talent that meets everything on your checklist. Now more than ever, you’re likely to encounter candidates who have never had training […]

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Gen Z Matches the Needs of Medical Equipment Sales

Naturally, when staffing for medical sales, you want to secure top talent. From biotech to pharmaceuticals to device — each requires differing levels of education and experience when considering the next top hire. Medical equipment sales is no different. In fact, it offers great flexibility in this area making Gen Z applicants perfect top candidates […]