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How to Identify Candidates Who Can Handle Stress in Sales

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, workers’ stress reached a record high in 2020, and North America suffers from some of the highest rates in the world. Since stress in sales is so common for reps, it’s crucial that you assess candidates’ coping skills in your staffing process.  There’s nothing wrong […]


When It’s Worthwhile to Hire Talent with No Training for Sales

You expect your top medical sales candidates will qualify for the job when recruiting for open positions in medical sales. But it’s becoming more and more challenging to overcome the competition and attain the talent that meets everything on your checklist. Now more than ever, you’re likely to encounter candidates who have never had training […]

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Gen Z Matches the Needs of Medical Equipment Sales

Naturally, when staffing for medical sales, you want to secure top talent. From biotech to pharmaceuticals to device — each requires differing levels of education and experience when considering the next top hire. Medical equipment sales is no different. In fact, it offers great flexibility in this area making Gen Z applicants perfect top candidates […]

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Medical Sales Recruiting: Convincing Candidates to Relocate

Remote work has allowed medical sales recruiters to put the relocation topic on the backburner as a discussion topic with top talent. Yet we all know, success in medical sales relies on relationship building. It’s possible to connect with clients over video conferences, but there’s no denying that face-to-face sales are most effective. Not only […]

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5 Medical Sales Recruitment Tips to Attract Talent

Anytime you use persuasion, you must understand what it is your audience values. For example, you can try to talk someone into moving into a new area because of the great schools, quality playgrounds, and safe roads in the neighborhood. But if they don’t have kids, that argument will fall flat. It’s the same in […]

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How to Discuss Hybrid Workplace Policies with Candidates

Pre-pandemic, job candidates were primarily concerned about benefits, culture, and pay. While those critical factors are still on the table, many candidates now worry about office safety protocols for the hybrid workplace.  Consider that 68% of workers argue the hybrid workplace model is ideal, according to research from Prudential. That alone would indicate that candidates […]