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Medical Sales Candidates Are Asking Hiring Pros to Do This 1 Thing

Talented, qualified, and passionate candidates are rare treasures. When you find multiple gems but have only one current role to fill, it can be heartbreaking to know you’re letting top talent walk out the door.  Aside from the actual job, there’s not much else you can offer to make them feel valued by you and […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Recruiting Top Medical Sales Personalities

We all have expectations when meeting people for the first time. For medical sales recruiters, these expectations get in the way when candidates don’t respond the way they anticipate. Recruiters come off too strongly or give up entirely on candidates during those first few meetings because of poor connections. However, a missed connection isn’t always […]

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3 Ways to Create Deeper Relationships with Top Medical Sales Talent

The current economic status is hitting all kinds of records. The one receiving most of the media’s attention is the unbelievably low unemployment rate. Currently, it stands at 3.9 percent — an 18-year low — and is expected to dive even lower, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this record-low is positive for […]

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4 Basic Tips for Hiring Talented Medical Device Sales Pros

The medical industry is one that is always evolving through the introduction of new procedures, research, and products. All of these factors play a very important role in creating new job positions for people in the medical field — as many can work in sales as representatives of big firms. If you are a medical […]

Hiring Process Insights & Trends Recruiting Recruiting Trends

How Strategic Hiring Can Influence the Future of the Medical Industry

The future of the medical industry is shaped by the changes that are coming into force not only as a result of new legislation adopted, as the Affordable Care Act and its influence on new jobs, but also of the upcoming new technologies and the shift of the model focusing more on the wellbeing of […]

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The 3 A’s of a Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategy

The majority of medical sales reps are happy in their current jobs, making your recruitment efforts more challenging than ever. In fact, 79 percent of survey respondents in our 2018 8th Annual Medical Sales Salary Report said they are “somewhat” or “very satisfied” with their job, overall. To attract top talent, this means recruiters must […]

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How to Hire Emotionally Agile Medical Sales Reps in 3 Easy Steps

We all want those go-with-the-flow, roll-with-the-punches, never-miss-a-beat type of employees. It’s not hard to see how their ability to navigate the twists and turns of the medical sales field makes them highly sought-after candidates in the industry. However, what you may not know is this open-mindedness and ability to adapt is most likely due to […]

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3 Ways to Attract Overwhelmed and Overworked Recruits for Medical Sales Jobs

If the American workforce were on a billboard it would read “EXHAUSTED” in bright, red letters. In fact, a new report from SHRM found 38 percent of employees feel overwhelmed by how much they have to get done at work. And medical sales employees are no exception. With constant accessibility on their phones, time spent […]

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Don’t Let Runner-Up Candidates Fall Through the Cracks

You work hard to source and place top quality talent for your best sales jobs. There are times, however, when the talent pool isn’t up to snuff with the demands of your clients. Unfortunately, this problem is more widespread than you think. In fact, in the 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 65 percent of the […]

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Lies and Half-Truths: How to Spot Deceitful Candidate Answers

There are times when finding stand-out candidates to fill your medical sales jobs seems impossible. However, if you place the wrong talent, you run the risk of them leaving soon after being hired. This reflects poorly on your recruiting abilities. Still, talent acquisition leaders are increasingly hitting a wall when trying to source and place […]