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Here’s Why the C-Suite Isn’t Jumping at Your Medical Sales Pitch

“On a monthly basis, I’m interacting with IT employees and physicians, all the way up to C-suite. There are various decision-makers and everyone has a different role to play,” Joanna Piazza, Health System Account Manager at Sysmex America, told us in a November interview. Her experience in the medical sales field is an all-too-familiar scenario […]

On The Job Sales Tips

4 Tips to Get Over Those Post-Holiday Sales Blues

New year, new possibilities — that’s the motto. But for most medical sales reps, it’s more like, “New year, new stressors.” With 35 percent of employees feeling more work-related pressure during the holidays, according to a 2017 Accountemps survey, it’s no surprise people aren’t excited to jump back into work. To pack on more pressure, […]

On The Job Sales Tips

Patients Are Getting Smarter. How Medical Sales Reps Can Stay Ahead of the Game

Long gone are the days when patients blindly trusted their healthcare providers. Dr. Google and WebMD have diagnosed countless patients over the last decade. And as people continue to advocate for themselves, even more technology and data are being released to help improve their health monitoring and self-diagnoses. It’s even becoming more common practice for […]

On The Job Sales Tips

This Morning Tip Will Set You Up for Success in Medical Sales

More often than not, how your morning unfolds sets the stage for your mood. If traffic makes you late for your first meeting, stress and frustration can follow you well into the afternoon. But when the person before you in line pays for your coffee, your happiness and gratitude will last throughout the day. In […]

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On The Job Sales Tips

How to Leverage Your Sales Skills and Make the Most Out of Holiday Get-Togethers

Does the idea of “networking” at a holiday function bring out your inner grinch or make you want to run for the hills? While you’re certainly not alone, here’s the good news: those in medical sales tend to be naturally good at icebreaking conversations. Holiday networking doesn’t need to be only about idle chit chat […]

On The Job Sales Tips

4 Well-Meaning Medical Sales Phrases You Need to Stop Saying Now

Warning: Your relationship with customers may be at a high-risk! In fact, buyers rate two-out-of-three of B2B salespeople as average or poor, according to a recent survey. This alarming number points to a major disconnect between sales pros and their customers. It’s safe to assume that sales pros aren’t walking through customers’ doors purposely […]

On The Job Sales Tips

3 Ways to Excel in Medical Sales With an Introverted Personality

“A shy, reticent person.” This traditional definition of an introverted individual lacks the scope to show all the powerful qualities of someone possessing this personality type. While there are many highly-successful introverted medical sales reps, people often overlook the specific characteristics that push their careers from mediocre to excellent. As a result, they’re limited in […]

On The Job Sales Tips

3 Old School Top Sales Tactics That Never Fail

If top sales tactics weren’t constantly evolving, salespeople would still be going door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners. Now, consumers can go online, check hundreds of reviews in a matter of minutes, place a product in their virtual cart, and have it delivered to their doorstep in two days. This, of course, is an obvious shift in […]

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How To Make More Time For Your Customers

There’s no question that healthy friendships require both time and effort to flourish. The same applies to your customers if you want to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. Your friends don’t pay your bills, do they? Most likely not; however, we work day in and out to make sure our friendships are balanced, on track, […]

On The Job Sales Tips

3 Ways to Persevere and Sell Products That Impact Customers Personally

1,735,350 That’s the estimated new cases of cancer that will be diagnosed in the United States, alone, in 2018, according to the National Cancer Institute. Of those, approximately 609,640 people will lose their battle with this disease. With these shockingly-high estimations, there’s no doubt that nearly everyone has been affected by cancer in some form. […]