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Entry-level Pharma Jobs: Sr. Recruiter at Avion Pharmaceuticals Reveals How to Get One

As the Small Pharma Winner of MedReps Best Places to Work in Medical Sales Awards, Avion Pharmaceuticals has no trouble attracting top talent. We asked Ebony Mattox, Sr. Recruiter at Avion, to tell us a little more about what it’s like to work at Avion, what type of entry-level pharma jobs Avion has open, and […]

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Medical Sales Jobs at Large Companies: The Truth You Need to Know

Medical sales jobs at large companies offer incredible potential. You can earn large, enticing salaries. They raise the bar even higher with commission structures, bonuses, and impressive benefits. However, there’s almost always a flipside. Medical sales jobs at large companies are also often perceived as cutthroat and sometimes impersonal. In fact, 26 percent of large […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Working in Medical Device Sales

Navigating the world of medical sales is a major task. Understanding where you’ll excel, the differences between each niche industry and then, ultimately, deciding where your skills and values fit requires intensive research. This type of research is especially important when a specific industry is trending. Medical device sales, for example, is one of the […]

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3 Tips That Will Launch Your Career in Medical Sales

Shopping, baking, hosting, traveling — the holiday season is never as calm and peaceful as we like to imagine. Unfortunately, topping all of this off is stress from your career. In fact, 35 percent of employees feel more work-related pressure during the holidays, according to an Accountemps survey. In medical sales, stress during the holidays […]

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3 Secrets to Going From New Hire to Rockstar Medical Sales Employee

Job hopping is the new norm. In fact, an April survey from Robert Half found that 64 percent of employees prefer to change their job every few years. That’s a 22 percent increase since 2014. The allure of job hopping is understandable. It gives employees more freedom in their career and allows them to continually […]

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Big Data 101: What Medical Sales Reps Need to Know

We’re in the information era. From electronic health records to wearables to AI, there’s no end to the data sources now available to medical sales companies. This information allows organizations and their sales reps to better understand the needs of their clients. But you’re not a data analyst. Suddenly being asked to use big data […]

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The Necessary Skills to Succeed in Medical Sales 101

Various medical sales skills are necessary for success. Along with more industry-focused skills, recruiters are increasingly looking for well-rounded candidates who bring a variety of experiences and capabilities. In this year’s Bullhorn North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends report, 81 percent of the 1,256 U.S.-based recruiters surveyed said they have trouble finding skilled candidates. For […]

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Medical Job Search: What To Do When You Aren’t Qualified

Emma knew her dream career was in medical sales. The idea of taking charge, selling doctors quality products that will help their patients, and feeling passionate about what she does every day sounded perfect. She couldn’t wait to start. However, once she entered the medical job search, she realized it was more challenging and frustrating […]