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Give Your Work Style a Good Spring-Cleaning

You’re lying if you say working from home for so many months hasn’t led you to embrace a somewhat lazier work style. We’ve all secretly abandoned our designated desks to work in bed or on the couch every so often.  Morphing into that chill work style is OK! It can even be a healthy change […]

networking in sales
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Preparing for Networking in Sales as Vaccinations Roll Out

The global pandemic put a hard stop on social interactions in the first quarter of 2020. Remarkably, much of the world has returned to working and engaging in-person. However, most businesses still require masks, social distancing, limited capacity, and experts continue to promote virtual events heavily . Just one year since COVID-19 shifted the way […]

wellness goals
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Level-Up Your Wellness Goals for Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and that’s only a few weeks away. If your current plan for recognizing it is to share resources online, that’s a great first step! But it would be even more rewarding if you challenged yourself to be more ambitious with your mental wellness goals this year.  The primary objective […]

Emotional IQ
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Take Charge of Boosting Your Sales Team’s Emotional IQ

Actively listening is only one part of the equation when connecting with clients and building trust. Your sales reps need to exercise their emotional intelligence (EQ) so they can properly respond to their clients’ needs and objections. This valuable skill also impacts how your team works together, motivates, and challenges each other. Because so much […]

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How to Sell Pharmaceuticals to Doctors: 4 Tips to Teach Your Team

When you invest in thorough training and upskilling for your team, every sales rep under your supervision should know how to sell pharmaceuticals to doctors excellently. But excellence is never achieved without effort. In this case, that effort needs to come from your pharma sales reps and you.  In a recent Deloitte survey, leaders from […]

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The New Approach for Nailing First Impressions in Medical Sales

Not long ago, big smiles, strong handshakes, and polished professional outfits were considered key tips to making a great first impression in sales. However, how we meet, greet, and connect with people has been reshaped by the 2020 global pandemic. As a result, the way you nail a great first impression has changed — think […]

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These Toxic Patterns May be Poisoning Your Work Culture

In some ways, you know that increased remote opportunities for a medical sales team are good. From the HR perspective, creating remote positions on your team widens your talent pool significantly.  However, the flip side is your existing medical sales reps suddenly have more options for finding new positions. If they’re unhappy with the work […]

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Connecting with Healthcare Providers During a Pandemic (and Beyond)

The healthcare industry has evolved dramatically since the first reported case of COVID-19. And the industry continues to change as the ongoing pandemic creates new areas of need for healthcare providers.  What does this mean for pharmaceutical sales reps? For one thing, a lot more conversations with clients.  According to a recent Accenture survey, 61% […]