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3 Essential Steps to Protect Medical Sales Reps from Toxic Clients

Medical sales reps see all kinds of clients in the field –new clients, returning clients, reluctant clients, busy clients, outgoing clients, too-busy clients, toxic clients. Your sales reps even expect a certain amount of guardedness from clients, but rudeness is not a response to take lightly. The mental well-being of sales reps is critical to […]

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Learn About New Products – Breaking Into Medical Sales

If you’re looking for a job in medical sales, you’re aware there’s a lot to learn just to get your foot in the door. However, once you get your job offer, your career will quickly take off. You need to be prepared to cram. The catch is, you need to be ready to take on […]

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3 Ways to Support Sales Reps and Put a Stop to Burnout

Mental health awareness is a hot topic in the workforce. Even before the impacts of the global pandemic, employers across all industries accepted the mission to take on workplace stress, depression, and burnout. Still, many employees feel like they need to hide behind a mask, figuratively and literally. After all, medical sales reps, in particular, […]

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Help Your Medical Sales Reps Improve Sales Efforts with 3 Training Updates

Lawyers, teachers, medical professionals, pilots — all are accountable to uphold state and national guidelines for ongoing education requirements. Yet, while legislation has an impact on product development and distribution in the medical sales industry, there is little structure in the way of education plans for medical sales reps. You don’t have to wait for […]

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Women in Medical Sales: Strategy Success Coach Shares Advice for Women of Color

Lisa Swift-Young loves that her roles in the medical sales industry have let her put her values into practice. Swift-Young has worked on both sides of the industry, engaging with pharmaceuticals and pharmacy. And in each of these positions, she’s been challenged to push herself further, learn to harness the skills to benefit herself, trust […]

MedReps Women in Medical Sales
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Women in Medical Sales: She Bought the Company that Fired Her

She never planned on breaking into the medical sales industry. But as a single mother of four, Marie Cosgrove needed something that would fit her family’s needs. So she turned to a commission-only sales job that would provide flexibility and necessary income to cover her children’s healthcare.  Now, Cosgrove has twenty-five years of experience in […]