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5 Important Tools Every Medical Sales Representative Needs

A medical sales representative’s goal is to serve medical practitioners in the best way possible. To accomplish this goal, a sales representative will use the best resources available especially now that technology has made everything easy.   Below is a list of tools to make a medical sales representative’s life easier.   5 Medical Sales […]

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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting A Pay Raise & What to Do About It

You’ve been working for the company for several years already, but only your age and your expenses increase, and well, also the prices of goods you used to buy. Your salary remains stuck to where it was years ago, and you start wondering why it can’t cope with your expenses. Then you wonder why you […]

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5 Areas You’re Overlooking Gaps in Your Sales Education Plan

Your sales team is exceeding their sales goals and, overall, you’re happy with this year’s numbers. But if you think medical sales rep success is solely dependent on closing enough deals to meet your quotas, you’re missing an important opportunity to help your reps reach their full potential. Your sales education plan shouldn’t conclude at […]

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3 Essential Steps to Protect Medical Sales Reps from Toxic Clients

Medical sales reps see all kinds of clients in the field –new clients, returning clients, reluctant clients, busy clients, outgoing clients, too-busy clients, toxic clients. Your sales reps even expect a certain amount of guardedness from clients, but rudeness is not a response to take lightly. The mental well-being of sales reps is critical to […]