The One Thing Medical Sales Employees Say Your Company Needs

Travelling, hitting personal goals, starting on the road — all of these are traits of successful medical sales reps. Unfortunately, they’re also major team building roadblocks. Forming a cohesive bond between co-workers in the sales field isn’t a one-step, easy process. However, it’s a workplace factor medical sales employees say […]

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Don’t Let Growing Distrust in America’s Medical System Hurt Your Sales Year

The average confidence of Americans in 14 key U.S. institutions is at an overwhelmingly low 32 percent, according to a 2016 Gallup poll. Trust in the medical system, specifically, is only at 39 percent, just one point higher than in 2006. This distrust started a ripple effect impacting every aspect […]

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If These 4 Tech Advancements Don’t Get You Excited About Medical Device Sales, Nothing Will

“This is the great beginning of my plan to dominate the human race,” Sophia, the first human-like robot, joked during The Tonight Show in April. “I sometimes tell a joke. Joke is always funny. I thought it was funny.” Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics using breakthrough robotics and artificial […]

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No Experience, No Problem. How to Teach Anyone the Art of Medical Sales

“Keep yourself positive, cheerful, and goal-oriented. Sales success is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude.” Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker, understands the importance of who you hire, versus what they’ve done. However, this isn’t the popular opinion in many medical sales recruiters’ offices. Because medical sales is a […]

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The Best Sales Jobs Have These 3 Things In Common

The best sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. What works for one medical sales rep may be completely different for another. However, the majority of medical sales reps agree there are a few traits the best medical sales companies have in common. According to our 2018 Best Places […]

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3 Ways to Make the Ultimate Come Back After a Bad Sales Year

Every professional has run into a slump in their career. Unfortunately, for medical sales pros, one bad sales quarter can easily topple into a bad sales year, and it’s hard to stop the ripple effect. If a bad year isn’t handled correctly, it can snowball into a new year disaster. […]

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Employee Loyalty Isn’t Dead Yet: Here’s How You Can Keep It Alive

Loyalty is arguably the most important and valuable trait in medical sales. The benefits of a loyal sales team are reaped by the company, employees, and — most importantly — customers. The good news is, employee loyalty in medical sales is improving. In fact, according to our 2018 Best Places […]

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Want to Advance Your Medical Sales Career? Ask for Feedback

Feedback is critical to career development — especially in a medical sales job. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept and process all of the advice you receive. It’s a skill you need to develop, and accepting feedback works like anything else in life: practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, if you’re […]

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Grit and Good Advice Set You Up for Medical Sales Job Success

To land the best sales jobs, you have to discover the secrets of the best salespeople. The thing is, no one’s born with stand-out sales skills. Instead, the best reps have perfected their crafts by building on advice they’ve learned along the way. Much of this insight comes from dedicated […]

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How Admitting Mistakes Can Actually Help Your Medical Sales Career

In any job, you’re bound to make mistakes. These mistakes can follow you throughout your career, especially when you fail to take responsibility for those errors or let your emotions take over. Even worse, if you develop a habit of repeating mistakes, you set the stage for discord with everyone […]

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