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St. Patrick’s Day 2019: Celebrating Ireland’s Contributions to Medicine

Affectionately dubbed the Emerald Isle, Ireland is known for a bit of everything from magical leprechauns and four-leaf clovers to Guinness and Jameson. It has even been the inspiration behind festivals all around the world as thousands take to local streets, bar and pubs every year on March 17th to celebrate the illustrious St. Patrick’s Day.  […]

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These 5 Medical Sales Startups Are Putting the Power of Healthcare in Consumers’ Hands

The face of healthcare has drastically changed over the last decade. The depth of research and new technologies have empowered knowledge-based, futuristic products to hit the market. Traditionally, research and development were done by corporations, many of which are in the medical sales industry, specifically. But the tables are turning. Now, healthcare startups are pushing […]

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Medical Device Sales Reps May Be Pushed Out of the OR For Good. Here’s Why

Having a strong presence in the OR is crucial for medical device sales reps. It goes far beyond your ability to build relationships with surgeons. Being present during surgeries opens the door for product education and aiding in installation procedures. Critics, however, claim the purpose of your OR attendance is solely based on improving relationships […]

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New Data Reveals Big Tech is Disrupting Medtech Territory. Here’s What You Need to Know

The human body is noted as the biggest data platform — and big tech is already in the game. With a recent push away from therapeutic devices into analytic-based solutions, huge players, like Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, CVS Health, and many more are developing new ways to deliver on-the-spot, high-quality care from anywhere in the world. […]

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In Honor of World AIDS Day, We Took a Step Into Pharmaceutical Sales’ Past

World AIDS Day — December 1st — is fundamental in building awareness for AIDS and HIV all year long. The destructive pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 35 million people worldwide. That number only accounts for those documented records since first being identified in 1984. Today, there are an estimated 36.7 million people […]

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What Medical Sales Breakthroughs Mean for Patients and Reps

New technology and passionate medical sales employees have skyrocketed healthcare advancements into an impressive future. Patients everywhere are feeling the life-changing — and lifesaving — effects from new technology, medications, and various other products. This November, Diabetes Awareness Month, we reflect on the life diabetics face and how advancing medical sales technology is impacting their […]

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Your Medical Sales Team Needs These 4 Things to Survive an M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are stressful for any company. However, when you’re dealing with medical sales pros, they can be even more challenging. While leaders going through these tough times are great at handling company operations, legalities, and finances, many overlook the most important factor — the people. 0

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The Best Medical Sales Jobs are Offering These 4 Benefits

You, the job seeker, hold all the power in today’s job market. With record low unemployment rates, many companies are struggling to find top talent. So when it comes to finding the best medical sales jobs, now is the time to find new and exciting opportunities. Beyond money, the best medical sales jobs offer life-changing […]

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Report Finds Sales Reps Don’t Back Down From Toughest Controversies — And Neither Should You

Medical marijuana legalization and the opioid crisis are two controversies most companies want nothing to do with. That is, unless you’re in pharmaceutical sales. According to 89 percent of sales reps in various fields surveyed by my team at MedReps in Selling Controversial Products: Rising Above the Negativity to Find Positive Impacts, pharmaceutical sales reps […]

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How Tech Giants Like Google Are Changing Healthcare Careers

While tech giants have not traditionally been part of the healthcare industry, they’re branching out because it’s so hot right now. And this is great news for medical sales pros. It means the creation of a new crop of healthcare careers that work with cutting-edge technology. But if you want to take advantage of this […]