How to Transform a Disjointed History into a Clear Story for Your Medical Sales Resume

“At first glance, my career looks confusing!” Many of us have held roles that, at first glance, appear unrelated. Others have worked in different industries besides pharma and medical device sales. Still, others hold job titles that just don’t explain exactly what it is you do. These challenges can make […]

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Resume Writing Challenge: I’m So Much More than My Stats

It’s a quintessential resume and LinkedIn dilemma that is common in the world of medical sales. Recognizing that the saying “numbers speak louder than words” applies, many of my clients come to me rich with CRM stats, but struggling to put their ranks and revenues into context.

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quiet job hunt

How to Launch a (Quiet) Job Hunt for a Medical Sales Role in 2018

With record low unemployment, the 2018 job market in healthcare sales looks promising. Ready to get started? If the idea of a quiet v. full-throttle job search is more to your liking, here are five actions you can take:

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Study Says Recruiters Are Increasing Hiring. Be Prepared to Impress Every Single One

Over the past decade, we’ve heard a great deal about the job shortage making it difficult for even the most qualified talent to find a job. But the tables have turned. In fact, 55 percent of recruiters in the U.S. and Canada say they expect their hiring volume to increase […]

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Why a Secret Job Search Is an Unsuccessful Job Search

When you’re already employed, “job search” is almost a dirty word. You try to keep your search secret because you’re worried about what might happen. What if your current boss finds out? What if potential employers find your blatant searching unprofessional? But the truth is, many medical sales representatives are […]

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What You Need to Know About the Changing Face of Medical Device Sales

The medical device sales industry is in a state of flux. Most notably, consumers are increasingly able to use their own devices (primarily smartphones) to track and monitor their own health. This affects how medical devices are sold and how reps are able to sell them. Here are the biggest […]

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3 Storytelling Rules for Job-Hunting Medical Sales Executives Struggling to Convey Value

When it comes to preparing career marketing materials for medical sales leaders from resumes to LinkedIn profiles the goal to keep in mind is, did you answer the decision maker’s key question: “How can he/she help me?” This can be accomplished by explaining the challenge or the pain point and […]

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How to Advance in Your Career Without Burning Bridges

As a qualified medical sales representative, you thrive in a fast-paced environment where your skills and experience are valued and constantly put to the test. You want to work with companies that are focused on innovation and keeping abreast of the latest developments in medical sales. When these factors aren’t […]

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Introducing a Tested Solution to Finding A Medical Sales Career

During your last job search, how many career sites and job boards did you visit? How alone or overwhelmed did you feel through the process? Even if you do find your dream job, put in the hours of perfecting your cover letter and resume, and effectively network into the company, […]

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3 Things to Remember When Searching For The Best Medical Sales Company

After a recruiter told her she couldn’t have the medical sales job she wanted, Victoria Styles spent 12 years with Airborne building her experience. Taking time to align her goals and experience finally paid off — she got a medical sales job with Bard. The true success story isn’t that […]

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