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How to Ensure Your Medical Sales Jobs are Truly Accessible

We’re fortunate our job market has remained strong for so long. As 2019 comes to a close and the new decade rolls in, employers need to be strategic about how they’ll continue to grow despite the perceived talent shortage. HR pros hoping to fill medical sales jobs find themselves vying over top talent, and there […]

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Discover How These 4 Trends Will Impact Medical Sales Recruiting

Recruiting trends for 2020 are rapidly emerging. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report, talent acquisition professionals believe soft skills, work flexibility, anti-harassment policies, and pay transparency are four trends shaping the future of recruitment.  While these are critical, they’re all basic trends the majority of recruiters have been focusing on for years. We’re […]

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7 Inspiring Women Who Broke Through Gender Barriers in 2019

The good ‘ol ‘boys club’ doesn’t hold the same power over corporations as it once did. While 65.2% of all respondents in our recent report, The States of the Sales Industry ‘Boys Club’ in 2020, believe there’s a ‘boys club’ mentality in the sales industry, it’s not stopping female sales reps from rising to the […]

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3 Small Medical Companies You Shouldn’t Overlook

Large companies receive much of the glory in the medical sales community. Their large size must mean monumental commissions, more opportunities for growth, and superior products.  The awe-struck wonder of large medical sales companies often puts a shadow on smaller companies. But small medical sales companies can hold their own. In fact, our 2019 9th […]

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3 Medical Sales Job Search Myths – BUSTED!

At last check, LinkedIn hosts accounts of almost 800,000 experts that describe themselves as a Career Coach — even more with the title of Employment Coach or Resume Writer. Between the advice of all of us “experts” and the well-meaning feedback given by those in our inner-circle, it’s not a shock that there are so […]

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What You Need to Know Before Applying to the Biggest Pharmaceutical Sales Companies

The impact. The salary. The commission checks. The benefits and possibilities. Working for the biggest and most innovative pharmaceutical sales companies certainly has its perks. And if you’ve been dreaming of landing a role with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck, or Gilead, you’re likely ready to start applying full-steam ahead.  However, simply […]

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By 2020, This Is What Pharmaceutical Sales Will Look Like

Nothing is constant in the pharmaceutical sales industry. New products, an evolving market, and new consumer generations impact pharmaceutical sales reps every day. Sometimes, however, change occurs forever impacting the face of sales.  PwC, for example, believes by 2020 pharmaceutical sales and marketing will be completely replaced by a new model. The change is a […]