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How to Find a High Paying Medical Sales Job in the New Year

As the new year approaches, you’re setting new goals both professionally and personally. On the top of the list? Finding the medical sales salary you want. A better medical sales salary starts with your job search tactics. You need to be looking in the right places and for the right things, to score that top-paying […]

Top paying medical sales jobs
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3 Surprising Stats about Top Medical Sales Salaries

Which Medical Sales Jobs Pay $250k+? The 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report analyzed the incomes of 2,772 survey respondents to evaluate how much med reps earn and which factors have the greatest impact on earnings. According to the report, professionals selling Health IT and Healthcare Software products and services earn the most – an average […]

Medical Sales Jobs
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Medical Sales Jobs Report – January 2014

  Medical sales job postings increasing, but overall healthcare jobs down for the first time in a decade   After a decade of continued job growth in healthcare, this month’s BLS report that healthcare shed 6,000 jobs in December came as somewhat of a shock. Despite the relatively small loss in December, healthcare still added an average […]