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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting A Pay Raise & What to Do About It

You’ve been working for the company for several years already, but only your age and your expenses increase, and well, also the prices of goods you used to buy. Your salary remains stuck to where it was years ago, and you start wondering why it can’t cope with your expenses. Then you wonder why you […]

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Find Your Entry-Level Earning Potential by Medical Sales Category

If there is one thing you’ve heard about medical sales jobs it’s that they are rewarding in numerous ways. But that excitement can extinguish fast if you start to overthink your qualifications. Breaking into any new industry can be overwhelming. Your experience in medical sales however does not define your success in getting your foot […]

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Get to Know Salary and Benefits by Medical Sales Regions from Sea to Shining Sea

The United States is gigantic. Each region comes with its own character and bundle of advantages that moving from one end of the country to the other feels like a major lifestyle adjustment. Not to mention, there are huge differences in the cost of living and opportunities for all sales regions. In recognition of the […]

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Medical Sales Reps Earn Benefits Above and Beyond Great Salaries

Given the high standards of people employed in medical sales, you might expect that it is challenging for employers to provide them with the best employee benefits.  According to our 2021 Best Places to Work survey, 80% value work-life balance, another 80% require compensation and robust benefits, 60% want promotions to happen from within the […]

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What Makes Entry-level Medical Sales Jobs Rewarding

If you’re open to starting a new career path or exploring options beyond the specific field you studied as an undergrad, you can’t ignore the allure of entry-level medical sales jobs.  A medical sales rep’s income can skyrocket with enough experience. According to our survey, anyone with at least twenty years of experience has an […]

Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report
Salary Salary Report

2021 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report

While 2020 presented unique challenges to meeting commissions goals, pharmaceutical companies rose to support pharma reps through the pandemic. Reps reported higher base salaries and more benefits than the previous year. While the majority of reps expected to earn less in 2020, only 14% of pharmaceutical sales respondents reported taking home less income.