4 Ways to Earn Referrals Without Upsetting Your Current Work Dynamics

To get the best sales jobs, you need top notch referrals. In fact, according to Jobvite’s 9th Annual Recruiter Nation Report, 78 percent of recruiters rank referrals as the best source for quality hires. There finally seems to be a simple solution for getting on recruiters’ radar. Now that you […]

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Here’s What Recruiters Want to See From You Online

Now, more than ever, job seekers need a solid online presence to land medical sales jobs. In fact, our recent survey, What Medical Sales Recruiters Look For in the Digital Age, found 76 percent of recruiters go online first when they receive a candidate application. Furthermore, a majority of recruiters […]

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LinkedIn’s New Look and What It Means for Your Medical Sales Profile

LinkedIn changed its look earlier this spring. If you haven’t reworked your summary section, or if you have skipped this section altogether, you run the risk of getting overlooked by the recruiters and decision makers who scour the site on a regular basis looking for sales talent. If you are […]

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Using Hashtags To Find Your Medical Sales Job

#Hashtags. They’re everywhere these days. Once considered a fleeting trend on social media platforms, hashtags and the catchy words or phrases following them have become a cultural norm, appearing in advertisements, on clothing, and yes, even in job descriptions. As the internet has matured, both professional and social networking sites […]

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These Are The LinkedIn Features You Better Stop Ignoring Now

  There’s no doubt that when it comes to professional networking, recruiters, hiring managers, and job searchers view LinkedIn as the website for finding connections and getting discovered. While some LinkedIn features are helpful, some are more critical than others when it comes to launching a full-throttle job search. Ignoring […]

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This Is How The Best Job Seekers Network Into Medical Sales Jobs

Any resume and LinkedIn writing service professional will tell you having a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile will solve 50 percent of the job search riddle. The other half is dependent on good old-fashioned networking. Capital equipment, pharma, and medical device sales experts know first-hand that building and leveraging a […]

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This is What Medical Sales Recruiters Look for On LinkedIn

Social media searching is an integral part of the sales recruiting search and vetting process. So what are medical sales recruiters looking for when they look up pharma or medical device sales professionals on social media? At the end of the day, if often boils down to answers to these […]

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4 Tips for Building Your Healthcare Sales Network on LinkedIn

You’ve heard it before. It’s not what you know, but who you know. So if you want to land a healthcare sales job FAST – you better start networking. Sales professionals understand the power of networking when it comes to prospecting and cold calling. What many fail to appreciate, however, […]

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Using Video & Social Media to Land a Pharmaceutical Job

Nearly everyone has at least one social media profile.  For most of you, there’s a good chance you’ve got several profiles on various social networks.  Social media has proven to be a great way to connect with and even influence large numbers of people whether personal or professional.  In addition […]

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Free v. Paid LinkedIn Plans

Which Make the Most Sense for a Medical Sales Job Search? LinkedIn’s plan offerings have grown in the past few years. Today users can choose between the free version as well as several paid versions. Which makes the most sense will depend on individual needs, goals and medical sales career […]

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