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Writing Your Resume for Humans and Bots – 3 Medical Sales Resume Trends for 2019

Today’s job searchers face an unexpected dichotomy – a job search that requires them to blend technology with methods as old as time. While somewhere between 70 percent and 85 percent of people found roles as a result of social networking and referrals, according to a 2017 Payscale article, a 2018 Jobscan article reveals that […]

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Give Your Medical Sales Resume a Competitive Advantage This Fall

Generally speaking, Fall is second only to January and February as the best time of year for those in the pharma and medical device industry to job hunt. With unemployment at record lows, competition will be steep, and you will, of course, need a strong resume. While it’s critical to use social media (LinkedIn for […]

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How to Transform a Disjointed History into a Clear Story for Your Medical Sales Resume

“At first glance, my career looks confusing!” Many of us have held roles that, at first glance, appear unrelated. Others have worked in different industries besides pharma and medical device sales. Still, others hold job titles that just don’t explain exactly what it is you do. These challenges can make writing a resume and LinkedIn […]

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Targeting a Medical Sales Leadership Role? What Must Stay (and What Must Go) from Your Resume

It’s more common than you think. Pharma and medical device executives (or aspiring execs) still using the same resume format that worked back when they first started out as a medical sales rep many years ago. If you are aiming for that next-level position or are a healthcare sales VP/SVP who, until now, has always […]

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Resume Writing Challenge: I’m So Much More than My Stats

It’s a quintessential resume and LinkedIn dilemma that is common in the world of medical sales. Recognizing that the saying “numbers speak louder than words” applies, many of my clients come to me rich with CRM stats, but struggling to put their ranks and revenues into context. 0

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3 Storytelling Rules for Job-Hunting Medical Sales Executives Struggling to Convey Value

When it comes to preparing career marketing materials for medical sales leaders from resumes to LinkedIn profiles the goal to keep in mind is, did you answer the decision maker’s key question: “How can he/she help me?” This can be accomplished by explaining the challenge or the pain point and then articulating the strategy, leadership, […]

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Strategy for a Skimmable, Easy-to-Read Medical Sales Resume: Keeping it Simple by the Numbers

When was the last time you spent more than a minute reviewing a resume? When was the last time you printed your medical sales resume out to read? When people are in a rush (salespeople are ALWAYS in a rush) the bottom line is we SKIM (at least for the first read), and WE MOSTLY […]

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5 Critical Sections to Focus on When Writing a Healthcare Sales Resume

To stand out in today’s strong yet competitive healthcare sales job search market, a killer resume can tip the scales between getting called or ignored. Make sure pharma and medical device hiring managers are impressed by focusing special attention to these 5 key sections of your healthcare sales resume: 2+

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4 Points to Consider Before Paying a Professional to Write Your Medical Sales Resume

Having made my career working with job seekers to create career marketing tools (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc.), there are two things I know for certain. First, not everyone needs to have their documents professionally written. Second, I am not the ideal writer for every person who contacts me. By and large, I tend to work […]