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The Most Important Question You Need to Answer in the Medical Sales Interview

When you enter a medical sales interview, you know the employer will ask about your sales numbers — but they want you to do more than just recite your record. They want to know how you reached or surpassed your quota. Did you just get lucky, or are you a valuable sales rep who understands […]

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Interview Horror Stories – Clothing Edition

According to a poll conducted by human resources expert,, the majority of recruiters and interviewers stated that “arriving poorly dressed or groomed” was their biggest reason for not hiring a candidate.  It even beat out “arriving late” and “not knowing what the company does” for rejecting a potential hire.  Of course, everyone knows that […]

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A Job Seeker’s Guide To Understanding The Interviewer’s Perspective

A medical sales resume can tell a recruiter or hiring manager something about a candidate’s qualifications, but hiring managers  generally rely on the interview itself to get to know the candidate and see if they’ll be a good fit. According to MedReps’ recent Guide To Effective Interviewing, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months […]

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How to Make an Impression in the Medical Sales Job Interview

Five minutes. That’s all the time you have to make an impression in a medical sales job interview, a survey conducted by CareerBuilder suggests. The survey of more than 2,000 hiring professionals, conducted in November and December 2014, found that 49 percent know within the first five minutes of an interview if they want to […]

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Nightmare Job Interviews Sure to Keep You Up at Night

Everyone knows that the most important aspect of the job-seeking process is the interview.  We’ve all had plenty of them and can probably remember specific interviews that went well while others didn’t.  What makes an interview so memorable?  Was it something you said or something the interviewer said?  Maybe it was a bit of both. […]

Don't annoy the medical sales job interviewer.
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3 Annoying Things You Say in Interviews (plus 1 thing you would never say)

You’re not exactly sure what happened. It seemed like the medical sales interview was going well, but then, the mood shifted somehow. You went from thinking she was about to issue you a laptop and cell phone, to feeling like she couldn’t get rid of you fast enough. So what changed? Was it something you […]

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17 Things Not to Say in a Medical Sales Job Interview

Preparing for a medical sales job interview can be an intimidating and exhausting experience.  Most job seekers will agonize over how to answer specific questions when asked.  Knowing exactly what to say can make a lasting impression on a hiring manager.  Likewise, knowing what not to say can help you avoid saying something that might […]