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You Need to Meet These 3 Medical Sales Jobs Requirements

If you’re looking for common medical sales jobs requirements, it’s safe to assume you’ve made a big decision. Congratulations on choosing to pursue a career in medical sales! Medical sales jobs are both exciting and rewarding. Truth be told, though, they are competitive. But you likely have what it takes to impress recruiters and land […]

Entry-level medical sales salary
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Entry-Level Medical Sales Salary — Know What to Expect

If there is one fact most everyone can agree on, it’s that medical sales salaries are enticing. There are very few careers in which someone just breaking into the industry, whether as a recent graduate or making a mid-career shift, can take home a six-figure income. And while it takes a particular personality and skill […]

healthcare sales jobs
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Which of your strengths will best help you land healthcare sales jobs?

There’s no denying that it can be uncomfortable to talk about yourself on applications for jobs and during the interview process. Especially when you’re new to the industry and unaware of the full extent of healthcare sales jobs, it’s challenging to know how to market yourself.  A good rule of thumb is to keep it […]

marketing yourself
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Marketing Yourself In and Outside the Medical Sales Interview: The Helpers

Marketing yourself can be a challenge when you’re so selfless in your work. It’s in your nature to put the emphasis of conversation onto others and their needs. But you can’t keep shying away from discussing that strength with potential employers. It may make you uncomfortable to feel like you’re bragging about your drive to […]

sales interview
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Marketing Yourself In and Outside the Sales Interview: Charismatic Types

You have no doubts about your ability to knock it out of the park in a medical sales interview.  You embody what most people think of when they picture interpersonal skills. With your confidence, enthusiasm, and competitive spirit, who could resist your charm?  You’re the master at building and maintaining relationships. Returning customers will be […]

remote job search
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Tried-and-True Remote Job Search Advice from the Experts

There’s nothing new about looking for a job online. And while trends come and go, the digital word is in a constant state of forward movement. You’ve likely been looking for ways to improve your remote job search since long before the global pandemic. However, what you didn’t experience to this great of scale is […]

How Has Technology Changed the Hiring Process
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5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Hiring Process

The world and how we interact with each other has changed through technology — and the recruitment process is no exception.  In fact, a Jobscan survey reported that 99% of Fortune 500 companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS). What’s more, new data from McKinsey & Company shows that COVID-19 has sped up the adoption […]

problem-solving techniques
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10 Resources to Improve Problem-Solving Techniques in Sales

According to a World Economic Forum 2020 report, employers see problem-solving as a top skill rising in prominence. And in the sales world, your success can be very dependent on problem-solving techniques needed to sell a solution, close deals, and connect with clients. But do you ever feel like some people are just better problem-solvers […]